When a certain area of space needs to be shared amongst people, there is a need for privacy and separation. Having a certain kind of setup that brings proper space division and distribution can be extremely useful between shared spaces.

Room dividers are extremely handy to separate spaces and provide some privacy between rooms. Room dividers now offer excellent options with curtain rods, ceiling tracks, freestanding room dividers etc. Having a room divider helps in creating spaces customizable by the users.

A large space can be easily broken down into smaller spaces for use as rooms, offices, cubicles etc. In studio apartments, having room dividers can be extremely useful in sharing spaces between apartment users. The potential of having a room divider is limited to only the imagination of the users.

Applications of Room Dividers

A room divider is a tool that was invented by Europeans many centuries ago as a means to separate the private space from the rest of the space of the house. In bedrooms, a divider was a staple as it provided a means to change clothes and for providing a section to put away clothes.

This same concept was modernized and made into new-age equipment that can help separate spaces as required. It can be used in multiple ways, such as the following:

1. Separating Rooms in Apartment

A studio apartment has one large room that has all the provisions within the confines of the 4 walls. Using room dividers, a user can separate these spaces into the kitchen, bath with dressing, bedroom etc. Not only does this make the space look more organized, but it also provides much-needed privacy. It also makes the house very functional.

2. Sharing Rooms

Hostel and lodging rooms can be created out of large rooms by placing room dividers now between the beds. This can also be done in kids’ rooms where children need to share spaces with each other.

3. Office Use

For large offices, room dividers can be an excellent choice to divide the space into various cubicles and office rooms for staff and managers. This is a cost-effective method of sharing space without drilling into the walls or for something that can be moved from one place to another without disintegrating.

Buying Room Dividers

Room dividers are available in many different formats and materials online. Below are some examples.

1. Wood

Wooden room dividers with attractive carvings were the fashion a few decades ago. Even today, smaller room dividers with an antique appeal are made from wood.

2. Heavy Curtain

Room dividers made with a ceiling track and a heavy curtain are one of the most economical ways of creating room dividers in small apartments and homes.

3. Plastic/UPVC

Plastic reinforced materials such as PVC and UPVC make room dividers with free-standing provisions or beans on opposing sides.

4. Tension Rods

Tension rods are very useful for spaces where drilling and creating holes are restricted. Tension Rods can be used for both curtains and room dividers. They are extremely useful and easy to use. They can be moved from one place to another with ease as well. It can also support a good amount of weight for heavy curtains.

Good room dividers can be easily found online.


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