Does the outside of your property lack charm? Or perhaps you feel that the white outside of your house is uninteresting but are confused about what to do? Old shutters painted in a new color may give character.

The color and design of your shutters may greatly influence how attractive your home’s exterior will seem as a whole.

While conventional choices like white house black shutters and white house green shutters have their advantages, it is important to think about other colors that might improve the curb appeal of your property. 

In this post, we will look at a variety of alternatives besides the usual selections to help you find the ideal shutter color that matches your aesthetic preferences and harmonizes with the architecture of your house.

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White House Black Shutters? Or Any New Color?

White House Black Shutters


Although we all agree that white brick house with black shutters look beautiful, but which specific shades work best? Choosing the ideal shutter color may be difficult. Let’s examine some fantastic color choices and explain why we suggest them:

  • Classic Elegance with Black Shutters

Classic Elegance with Black Shutters


White House Black Shutters have long been a well-known option for homeowners looking for a classy and timeless appearance. The stark contrast between the white facade and the black shutters causes a stark visual impression. 

A sense of elegance is created by black shutters, especially when they are used with light-colored exteriors.

They go well with a variety of architectural types, from colonial to Victorian, and give a classic appeal that is difficult to resist in a fairly common white brick house with black shutters.

  • Embracing Nature with Green Shutters

Green shutters bring harmony and mix in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. They give the outside of your house a dash of vitality and freshness. Depending on your own preferences and the design of your home, you may select a different shade of green. 

Darker greens offer a more elegant and sophisticated appearance, while lighter greens can produce a more upbeat and welcoming mood. Homes tucked away in rural or lush surroundings are especially well-suited for white house green shutters.

  • Timeless Sophistication with Charcoal Gray Shutters

Consider charcoal gray shutters for a look that is both contemporary and timeless. This adaptable color complements a wide range of exterior color schemes, from neutral tones to more vibrant colors, incredibly well.

The outside of your home gains depth and dimension thanks to charcoal gray shutters, which also exude subtle elegance.

Best Material To Use For Shutters

Best Material To Use For Shutters


Ensure the material you select is appropriate for outdoor use only, not interior use. The elements may quickly destroy interior shutters. Additionally, you don’t want to subsequently spend money on replacements. Let’s review them:

  • Wood

Wood is the most widely used material for shutters. There are several lovely wood species and finishes from which to choose. Advice: Take extra precautions if you live in a humid area. A new material that won’t be easily affected by dampness should be used. 

  • Composite

The composite is made of a PVC and wood blend. As a result, you get the strength of PVC with the look of wood. For the majority of individuals, it’s a win-win scenario because it is also an economical choice.

  • PVC

PVC is another great option that is incredibly resilient in all types of weather. It is affordable and lightweight. But unlike with wood, you won’t have as much freedom with color and finishing.

Shutters And Door In the Same Gradient

Shutters And Door In the Same Gradient


Your door and shutters should ideally blend together rather than contrast. If you’d like, you may match the color of your door and shutters. However, the majority of individuals choose to match colors by going for a lighter or darker shade that is in the same color family. 

However, you may always choose a bold red door on a white house with black shutters if you’re daring. Red is really a very common color for entrance doors.

What Kind Of Paint To Buy?

You won’t have to worry about what paint to purchase if you install brand-new shutters. Before it’s time for installation, the color and paint are usually chosen.

Knowing what paint to buy is crucial if you plan to paint your current shutters in order to keep the paint from peeling. Because of its endurance, experts advise choosing either oil-based paint or latex paint.

Factors to Consider While Buying White House Green Shutters

Factors to Consider While Buying White House Green Shutters


Several elements should affect your choice when choosing the ideal shutter color:

  • Consider your home’s architectural type when choosing a shutter color to go with its style-complementing decor components and personality.
  • Consider the natural environment, nearby residences, and the surrounding terrain while selecting a color. Think on how the shutter color will work with the surrounding environment.
  • Personal Preference: In the end, your choice should be based on your preferences for taste and fashion. Choose a hue that speaks to you and captures your own individuality.


A white house’s shutters may be painted whatever color you choose. However, dark shutters are preferred by most experts over brighter ones. In the end, your taste and home are what really matter.  

You may thus select any color you choose! While White House Black Shutters and green shutters are common options, experimenting with other colors may lead to a myriad of opportunities for beautifying the outside of your property.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most popular color for house shutters?

It should come as no surprise that black and white are the most popular shutter colors that go with any property.

A property looks more elegant with black shutters. White shutters provide a harmony of freshness and simplicity. Despite this, there are still a lot of shutter color options, including bespoke colors

Q: What is the best color for plantation shutters?

Neutral tones are by far the most widely used colour for plantation shutters. These include Shell and Biscuit, which are both more taupe-colored but still extremely neutral shutter colours, Bright White, a genuine white, and Silk White, a softer white.

Q: Are white shutters popular?

Colour, fabric, and style. These are the three elements that have the biggest impact on how a new window treatment will seem in your house. Plantation shutters come in a variety of designs and materials, but white is by far the most frequent colour.


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