Both in our homes and in offices, there are more and more electrical appliances. To the usual ones we must add dishwashers, radiators, ovens, anafes, pavas, and the list goes on. Not all electrical installations tolerate this level of consumption.

Most of them were made before the last technological boom. As this situation adds an extra risk, we must deal with electricians who are up to the task. Here we tell you why to choose a registered professional electrician.

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Why hire a registered professional electrician


A professional electrician studied theory and practice. This allows you to shorten paths to diagnose and fix a malfunction. If an electrician is not trained, he probably spends much more time recognizing problems, to give them a defective solution.

Technical tools

Part of the training of a registered electrician consists of the correct choice and use of their tools. For each task, he will have an appropriate instrument. No need to improvise with non-regulatory elements.

Selecting the appropriate cable

There are countless cables of various thicknesses on the market. The facilities have been changing their use over time.

Therefore, if an electrician does not know the use that should be given to each one, he can make an installation that leads to short circuits, fires, etc. A professional will know how to apply good criteria for the purchase of cables.

Selection of the right materials

In a rapture of audacity, we can try to repair an electrical fault ourselves. And maybe we’ll even make it! But we hardly have the clinical eye to differentiate a quality replacement from a bad one. In the long run, this will require us to turn to someone who knows.

Differential switch

A circuit breaker or differential switch is an electrical safety device. Its function is to protect us from electrocution and prevent our devices from burning.

Due to the important function it fulfills, we should not leave its installation in the hands of just anyone. If we want our children and other affections to be safe, let’s call a registered electrician.

Discharge to ground

The same considerations from the previous point apply to this one. An electrical installation will not be safe without grounding. In order for it to work properly, it cannot be left in the hands of an improvised person.

Monitoring and diagnosis of the state of the installation

When we move into a house of which we do not know the wiring details, we must demand a certificate signed by a registered electrician.

Even more so when the construction is more than 20 years old because in this period technology changed a lot. Let’s think that fabric cables were used before and 6 times less electricity was consumed.

If we want to avoid fires and electrical losses, let’s call a responsible professional.

The electrician’s own safety

Whether or not it is our responsibility, none of us would like our electrician to suffer an accident in our home. And no one is better than a professional to ensure their own safety.

A registered electrician will know what protective equipment to use and how to do the tasks so as not to take life risks.

Work value

Most likely the value of the work of a registered electrician is greater than that of one who is not. However, it is not advisable to hire a service based only on the price. The cheap can end up being very expensive not only in terms of money but also in terms of security.

What we suggest is to ask for a written budget in advance, which details the price of the visit and the repair discriminated the labor of the materials. This will avoid surprises at the time of payment.


A licensed electrician must provide a guarantee for his work. That is, if the problem is not solved, the user has a period of time to complain and the professional must repair it again at no extra charge.


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