William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. He was known as the man of great honor and distinction. He was born in Niles, Ohio, in 1843, he served in the Union Army during the Civil War and went on to become a successful lawyer and politician. 

He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1876, and later became Governor of Ohio. In 1896, he was elected President of the United States, serving until his assassination in 1901.

Throughout his life, Willam McKinley remained deeply connected to his roots in Ohio. He spent much of his time in his hometown of Canton, where he built a beautiful home that still stands today as a testament to his legacy.

In this article, we will share some details of the William McKinley house which is situated in Canton, Ohio. 

Location of William McKinley House

William McKinley House is located in Canton, Ohio. The house is a stunning example of late 19th-century architecture and a monument to the life and achievements of one of Ohio’s most famous sons, William McKinley.

William McKinley Home

william mckinley home

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Despite his success and national acclaim, William McKinley remained deeply connected to his roots in Ohio. He spent much of his time in Canton, where he built a beautiful home that still stands today as a testament to his legacy.

William McKinley Home is a stunning example of late 19th-century architecture. The house was built in 1895. The house is a blend of several styles, including Queen Anne, Gothic Revival and Romanesque. It features a distinctive red brick exterior, a towering turret and ornate woodwork and stained glass.

William McKinley house was designed by architect George Barber, who was known for his eclectic and imaginative designs. Goerge Barber incorporated many of William McKinley’s personal preferences into the design of the house, including a spacious front porch and a large carriage house.

The interior of the house is also a view to watch. The main entrance leads to a grand foyer, which features a beautiful staircase and stunning stained glass windows. The living room and dining room are both spacious and elegantly decorated, with ornate woodwork and period furnishings.

The second floor of the William McKinley house contains several bedrooms, including William McKinley’s own bedroom, which is decorated in a style that reflects his love of hunting and the outdoors. The third floor of the house was used as a ballroom and is still used for events today.

William McKinley Houses – A Legacy

William McKinley Home is not only a beautiful piece of architecture but also a monument to the life and achievements of one of Ohio’s most famous sons. William McKinley’s legacy is still felt today, more than a century after his presidency ended. His policies and leadership continue to shape the nation, and the McKinley House stands as a reminder of his dedication to public service and his connection to the people of Ohio.

The house itself has been meticulously preserved and restored over the years, thanks to the efforts of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, which now owns and operates the property. Visitors to the house can take guided tours and explore the rooms where William McKinley lived and worked.

One of the highlights of the house is the study, where William McKinley spent countless hours crafting speeches, writing letters and making important decisions. The room is adorned with his personal belongings, including his desk, chair, and various mementos from his political career.

The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum

William McKinley House also serves as a museum, showcasing a collection of artifacts and memorabilia related to William McKinley’s life and presidency. Visitors can view personal items such as clothing, photographs and documents, providing a glimpse into the private life of the influential leader.

William McKinley House is not only a popular tourist attraction but also a significant educational resource. The museum offers various programs and events aimed at educating the public about William McKinley’s life and presidency. Students and history enthusiasts can delve deeper into his accomplishments, his role in shaping the nation, and the historical context of his time.

William McKinley house and museum also serve as a venue for community events, including lectures, exhibitions and cultural activities. By hosting these events, the McKinley House continues to show a sense of community and appreciation for history in the Canton area.


William McKinley House in Canton, Ohio, is a remarkable testament to the life and legacy of President McKinley. From its stunning architectural design to its carefully preserved interiors, the house provides a unique glimpse into the world of one of Ohio’s most revered leaders.

Through its educational programs and community events, the house continues to inspire and educate visitors about the impact of McKinley’s presidency and the enduring relevance of his ideas. A visit to the William McKinley House is a journey through history and an opportunity to honor the life and accomplishments of a truly remarkable individual.

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