Choosing wooden strips for a window blind not only provides privacy but also helps you control light and make your window eye catchy. These are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes so if you want to get complete information about wood blinds then read this article till the end!

Wooden strips are Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly and will be a good choice for you if you are looking for something Long-Lasting and Durable for your window covering.

However, to select the perfect size, you need to learn some tips and ideas so let’s have a look at the details!

How many styles of Wooden Strips are Available?

How many styles of Wooden Strips are AvailableSource:

Wooden strips for a window blinds are available in two styles horizontal and vertical. Read about them below:

Horizontal Blinds:

These are generally referred to as Venetian blinds, and they are kept together by cords that raise the blinds and vary the slat widths, which can typically range from 1″ to 2.5″. These types of wooden strips are commonly used for window blinds.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are popular because they are simple to slide to any side; some people use them for windows as well as doors. They are made of fabric slats or louvers that are vertical and are easily twisted to cover the window.

Types of Wooden Strips – Which one should you Choose?

Types of Wooden Strips


The wooden strips are made from different materials, have a look at them below:

Composite Wood Blinds: 

If you are looking for something lightweight and less expensive then you can select Composite Wood Blinds. The wooden strips are made from polymer and wood pulp and they are patterned to look like wood grain.

Their appearance is quite good and looks better than others, these are available in many styles and finishes. Moreover, composite blinds resist moisture but they are a little bit heavier than other types.

It would be so hard for you to raise and lower them and they are not resistant to UV rays which means you will need to replace them in some time because their color will fade.

Genuine Wood Blinds: 

These real wood blinds for windows are made from different types of wood, commonly with basswood. If you want to give your room a classy look then you should choose them for a warm texture.

They are light in weight and available in various varieties and finishes which means you can easily compliment them with your curtains and the theme of your room.

However, these types of wooden strips for a window blind are not flexible like other types and the cracks may appear on them by the passage of time. Their protective finish is not enough for resisting moisture and they are quite expensive. 

Faux Wood Blinds: 

They are made from PVC and other types of synthetic material, they are best for bathroom windows where the environment is humid as they are great moisture resistant. They are cost-effective so if you are low on budget then you can use these types of Wood blinds for windows.

Keep in mind that the Faux wood strips become faded with respect to time due to prolonged exposure to UV light, in some cases, it could get damaged as well.

Additionally, they are not easy to manage due to their heavy weight. As you know that these are not really made of wood so they lack the warmth of the real wood blinds.

Tips to get the right-sized Wooden Strips For A Window Blind:

Tips to get the right-sized Wooden Strips For A Window Blind


  • First, you need to know figure out how you want your wooden blinds to be mounted.
  • Now, take measurements with the help of measuring tape and write down everything.
  • For Inside Mounted Wood Blinds,
  • If you have chosen inside mounting, then measure the depth of the window effectively, it should be at least  ¾” for blinds.
  • Now measure the width of the top, middle, and bottom of the inside opening of the window. Take measurements of the same places for the length.
  • Take all these measurements with you when you go for buying wood blinds.
  • If you have chosen the outside mounting, then figure out the place where you want to mount the wooden blind. It could be above the window or the window molding.
  • If you are thinking to use the wall above then make sure to have t 2” of flat space.
  • Now, take the measurements but this time, measure the outside area. Take them with you and buy the perfect-sized wooden strips for a window blind.

How can you Compliment wood window strips?

How can you Compliment wood window strips


You can enhance the beauty of your window wood blinds by complementing them with curtains. You can also read how to pair plantation shutters with curtains for more amazing ideas:

  • You can choose from different types of curtains to provide a classic look to your wood window blind, it also adds a sense of luxury.
  • Choose a light wood color or stained wooden blinds.
  • Customization of wood blinds is also a good idea, you can use fabric tapes for this purpose.
  • Paint and Stain options for wood window blinds are also available.
  • You can also buy wooden strips in contrast. 

Wrapping Up:

Wrapping Up


We hope you now have a clear understanding of wood blinds and now you can easily decide which one would be the best suitable option for you.

We have also shared ideas of how you can make them look more appealing so follow all the above-given instructions and comment below to share your wooden wood blind ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are wooden blinds a good idea?

TWood blinds are energy efficient and work as an insulator. They can be a good choice as they provide protection from UV rays and other weather conditions.

Are wood blinds expensive?

Yes, wood blinds are a little bit expensive but they are durable and long-lasting, available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and stains.


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