Woody Harrelson is an American-based actor and playwright who has won a significant number of awards over the years for his exceptional work. Since 1985, he has been working in the entertainment industry. This means that he has delivered remarkable performances for more than thirty-five years. Moreover, his recent performances in Venom have also established him as a dynamic actor.  

Harrelson has undoubtedly established himself as a successful actor, garnering him a number of accolades and honors, such as the Screen Actors Guild Award, the San Diego Film Critics Award for Body of Work, and the Scream Award for Best Ensemble. Among these accolades and medals is the Screen Actors Guild Award as well. Whatsoever, we aim to discuss the Woody Harrelson house in Hawaii in this writing that is indeed a dream place for someone to go to! 

All You Need to Comprehend Regarding the Woody Harrelson House Hawaii 

Woody Harrelson has fully integrated himself into the Maui way of life, in contrast to many of Maui’s celebrity part-time residents who choose to use the island as a vacation home. He is not content to simply possess a home on the island of Maui. In point of fact, he has developed a large tract of land located on the north shore into an idyllic getaway spot. Woody Harrelson is one of the most well-liked celebrity homeowners in Maui due to the actuality that he has not one but two residences there and is known for being a genuinely good person.  

Harrelson has been residing in Maui for quite some time now, and he bought his first piece of property there all the way back in the year 1999. Since making that initial investment, he has grown his business to the point where he now owns two homes in some of the most spectacular locations Maui has to offer. Actor Woody Harrelson calls the Hamoa beach his home, which is situated on 8.5 private acres and boasts breathtaking vistas. He had already been the owner of the ranch-land property for twenty years when he decided to expand it by purchasing the acreage next to it. 

What Does the Woody Harrelson Home Look Like? 

woody harrelson house hawaii

Source: Mauihacks.com

Hamoa Beach is widely regarded as among the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, and Woody Harrelson is the proud owner of a breathtaking piece of real estate there. The 8.5-acre property is in a very private location, and it features a saltwater pond, a seasonal stream, and stunning views of both the mountains and the ocean. 

Harrelson got his piece of paradise in two distinct transactions: first, in 1999, he purchased a plot of property that already had a little house on it measuring 600 square feet, and then, in 2002, he purchased a neighboring lot that already had many structures on it. Together, these two purchases made up his piece of paradise.  

So, It is quite possible that the actor either completely refurbished the structures or demolished some of them in order to establish some of his own buildings on the property. Harrelson has been keeping himself occupied by swimming and surfing across the islands, and he has also sought a permit to build a medical marijuana operation on Maui; nevertheless, he wasn’t permitted to do so.

Woody Harrelson House Hawaii: How Many Properties Does He Have In that Area? 

Both of the properties of Woody Harrelson, including the Woody Harrelson house, can be found in regions of Maui that have a lower population density. As the first of Harrelson’s two houses is perched directly above Hamoa Beach, the actor is guaranteed to have access to some of the most breathtaking panoramas in the entire world. That being stated, one would indeed be delighted to learn that the Woody Harrelson house has the exact shape of a crescent, with golden sands that contrast with the blue oceans and a ring of green trees all around it. 

The second piece of land that Harrelson owns is located a little distance away from the first and is situated on the majestic slopes of the Haleakala volcano. Huge panes of glass stare out into breathtaking panoramas of the northeastern coastline while the property’s boundary is softened by the presence of neighboring woodlands. 


Where Is the Woody Harrelson Home Located? 

Woody Harrelson resides with his family in Maui, Hawaii. Various sources claim that he owned a home in Costa Rica as well. He also acknowledged that he immigrated to Costa Rica in the 1990s, from whence he later moved to Maui with his family. 

Why Did Woody Harrelson Choose Hawaii As His Permanent Residence? 

The tranquility that this island is renowned for is probably the reason why so many famous people, including Woody Harrelson, chose to visit it frequently.  


Where is the Woody Harrelson house located? The American-based actor has indeed left no stone unturned to design his house in Hawaii in the best possible manner, and why wouldn’t he? Don’t you think it’s the best holiday destination?  

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