Moving to a new house can be very exciting but stressful too. The thought of what must be done before and after moving to a new house and the effort it will require overwhelms you completely. While it is okay to feel jumpy about packing, unpacking, and settling in a new place, doing nothing to relieve the stress is not recommended. 

Planning every bit of your moving process is one way to reduce moving stress. While some surprises might be waiting for you along the way, considering essential elements of your moving process makes a big difference. It also helps you be ready for unforeseen circumstances. Some things to consider before moving include:

Think about managing the extra stuff

There can be many reasons for moving to a new place, one of them is temporary moving due to a periodic job transfer. On top of that, it is also likely that your new house is not as big as your current one. 

What will you do to manage your stuff if there is insufficient space? You will look for a place where you can keep your belongings until you have some space to manage them. 

The homes of your friends and family are one option. But as your stay will be long-term (more than a year or two), it can become a hassle. 

A more convenient option is a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is also more economical in cities such as Grande Prairie, where the cost of living is rising (among the top 25% of the most expensive cities globally) and renting an extra living space for additional stuff is not feasible. 

So, let’s say you are looking for a suitable unit in Grande Prairie. Search online for “storage units grande prairie” and Bingo. You will see multiple options appearing on your screen. Find a suitable storage unit and keep your belongings until you move to a big house. A storage unit is the best option because it will keep your stuff safe from any theft or seasonal effects.

  • Make a packing schedule

It is undeniable that for most people packing is a dreadful task. It is tiring and time-consuming. Therefore, they postpone it until the last minute. But leaving all the packing for the eleventh hour is not wise. 

When you see so much work is left to do, the “last minute” stress sets in. It can get on your nerves so much that you panic and may be unable to do anything. 

Always have a plan for packing. Divide the entire packing process over a few weeks instead of the last two or three days. 

Have a timeline, and mark how much of your stuff you want to have packed by a particular date. For instance, if you have three weeks till moving day, at least 50% of your stuff should be packed by the time you have two weeks left. During the last two weeks, you will pack the remaining stuff and cater to many last-minute details. 

  • Hire a moving company

Some people take it upon themselves to pack and load their stuff. As for the moving vehicle, they ask a friend. All this is possible if you have a helping hand to ask the favor. However, it is better to cut the hassle and hire a moving company— professional services that pack, load, transport, and unpack your stuff.  

There are undeniably uncountable benefits of hiring a professional moving service. You will only supervise, and the moving service staff will do everything— though this convenience will come at a hefty price. But a moving company can be very convenient for homeowners who don’t have much time. 

Hiring help can assist you in safely packing your stuff and give you time to address other matters such as getting school leaving certificates, disconnecting utilities from the current house, etc. 

  • Declutter before move

Whether you are temporarily moving due to a job transfer or going to a new house that you recently bought, decluttering your house is always an essential step. Purge your drawers and cupboards, and see what you have been piling up in them during your stay in your current house. 

Many make the mistake of taking everything with them, which only clutters their new residence. Therefore, take out all the unnecessary stuff, send it to a charity, or sell it in a yard sale. The less stuff you have for packing, the better. 


Feeling on edge before moving to a new house is completely normal. Even people who have moved homes multiple times still feel the pressure when doing it afresh. But it is also true that things such as mentioned above can make moving easier. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above for a hassle-free move.


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