Kitchen is the main part of a house as it contains everything a family needs for survival. Your kitchen contains different appliances, furniture and utensils that you use everyday. So, it is important to upgrade your kitchen time to time to add some value to your routine life.

In order to upgrade your kitchen, you need to replace some or all of its appliances with smart appliances. By adding some high-tech appliances, you can turn your kitchen into a smart kitchen. It won’t cost much yet will change your kitchen life forever.

These 5 Appliances Turn Your Kitchen into a Smart Kitchen

When I say “smart kitchen”, it does not mean that you need to reconstruct it. You just need to get the smart appliances for your kitchen so that you can operate them with a remote or phone app or voice assistant like Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant.

Here I suggest 5 smart appliances that can turn your normal kitchen into a smart kitchen.

#1. Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator does all cooling and freezing jobs like any standard refrigerator. But it has some amazing features that make it a really smart appliance. You can connect your fridge with your phone and also give voice commands to operate it without touching it.

The smart fridge provides remote access to let you check what’s inside your fridge from anywhere. You can also take care of expiration dates of food packages stored in the refrigerator. You can increase or decrease cooling settings of the fridge as per your needs from your phone.

#2. Smart Microwave

A smart microwave is much more capable than a standard microwave oven. You should get a smart microwave with Alexa support to operate it handsfree using your voice commands. You can open and close the microwave door with voice commands. It follows your commands as you say, “Alexa, microwave popcorn for one minute.”

The smart microwave comes with a built-in sensor that detects the food condition and its moisture level. Then the sensor sets the timer to cook the food evenly without your help. You don’t need to set the timer or keep an eye when its cooking the food. It also has scan-to-cook function do everything on its AI based system.

#3. Smart Dishwasher

A smart dishwasher has Wi-Fi connectivity to pair with your phone. You can operate the dishwasher from its app and also scan dishes so that the washer can clean it carefully.

The smart dishwasher has many built-in features that help you operate it correctly with least efforts. You just need to place the dirty dishes in concerned space to load the dishwasher and turn it on from your phone to start the washing cycle.

#4. Smart Coffee Maker

My morning starts with a mug of strong black coffee that gives me all the energy I need for the routine work. Therefore I have a smart coffee maker that knows my taste and gets my coffee ready as it hears my voice in the early morning.

The smart coffee maker is operated from its app on your phone connected with Wi-Fi. It allows you to make customized coffee cups with your desired serving size, coffee type, coffee strength and brewing temperature. You can do all this even without touching a single button given on the coffee maker machine.

#5. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best appliance to have in 2024. It does easy and safe cleaning of your kitchen and other rooms of the house. You can operate and control it from its app on your phone and also with Alexa and Siri like voice assistants.

The best advantage of a robot vacuum device is that it can clean any hard-to-reach area of your kitchen. Moreover, you can program it to do the cleaning of the kitchen when you are out of the kitchen, doing other work, or relaxing in your bedroom. Plus, with an upgrade to a self empty robot vacuum, you do not even have to worry about regular cleanup.

Make sure you know how long your appliance should last using the information below.

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Making your kitchen smart will add value to your life and you will have better working experience in kitchen. The concept of smart kitchen is not to show off anything to others, it is for you and your family. The innovative features of smart appliances will help to finish your work faster to save times for other important things.


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