If you’ve decided to offload your home for one reason or another, there’s the obvious question of how you could enhance its appeal to people who would consider buying it.

One thing you could do is renovate the property — but why exactly would this strategy be likely to leave a positive impression on people viewing your home? Here are several crucial reasons…

You can turn the home into a ‘blank canvas’

In other words, you can make it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. You don’t want too much of your own personality to show through in the design of the home’s rooms before photos of those are posted on property websites. 

“Any work or updating you do should be as generic as possible,” MarthaStewart.com quotes Robert Elson, a salesperson at the New York City-based Warburg Realty, as advising. “You want to appeal to the widest swath of potential buyers as possible.”

Loose fittings can be tightened up

According to the experts, when viewing a house, “the first thing people check are knobs and pulls, and they better not be loose.” So, when renovating a home, you could look into the possibility of reattaching dislodged fixtures more securely into place.

If those fittings look tired, you could even replace them with newer, more eye-catching hardware. A wooden table, for example, can look surprisingly fetching with metal furniture legs added.  

You can preserve historical charm without associated problems 

While some buyers delight in seeing historical decor, not all old things hold their appeal well. This is a reference to the likes of appliances, roofs and furnaces that have not been repaired for a while and so could now literally be close to breaking point. 

Hence, it would be advisable for you to contemplate how dated pieces like these could be refreshed or restored without their endearing vintage character being lost in the process. 

The garage space might need expanding 

You can’t be certain how many vehicles a potential buyer of your home would want to keep there. However, if the property’s current garage is currently capable of accommodating just one car, you should think about having more space added to this particular part of the home. 

You would be covering a lot of bases if you made room for not only an additional car but also some tools — like hammers and a lawnmower — a future buyer might want to store in the garage.

You could equip the home with better technology 

On a simple level, this can include replacing outlets and switches, as visibly worn or cracked ones could lead people to fear that they would be unsafe to use.

However, you could go even further by adding an array of ‘smart’ devices the eventual buyer of your property would have the option of controlling from their smartphone.

Lights and locks are examples of fittings available in ‘smart’ form — and, once these are in place, the above-mentioned buyer could be just an app download away from being able to control them.


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