Walls are incredibly impactful in the realm of interior design as they are abundant spaces that can display your unique sense of style without any element getting in your way for example like large furniture pieces. For that coveted designer feel, the following tips are very useful to make your wall décor upscale and gorgeous.

Keep It Clean 

Minimalism is the preferred style in a vast majority of high-value homes that have curated interior design pieces. Choosing one statement art piece for your wall or just some white or monochrome prints or framed photographs can go a long way in having just the right amount of impact without adding needless clutter. Following the main neutral color scheme can be another way to ensure you are adding value to the space instead of over-stocking a wall with too much color and visual stimuli.

Go Crazy With Paint 

Paint adds a personal touch like nothing else. Get together with your kids to paint a mural or add some splashes here or there using painting stencils or decals. Framing a portrait or a painting has the same personalized effect and it not only showcases taste and innate passion, it will instantly draw the eye upon someone’s entry into the room. Painting the window frame or door a bright color like blue or green also sheds light on the surrounding wall especially if the art pieces hung up are lighter in color or not very prominent.

Let Books Speak For Themselves

Nothing beats a book lover’s paradise where books are exclusively the main wall décor item. Play around with different types of shelving from concave to floating shelves and even paint them different colors to add contrast. Decorate books vertically or horizontally or with interesting bookends and they will speak for themselves. 

Books in any living space are a brilliant conversation starter for when guests come over and they highlight the knowledge and acumen of the homeowner. If you invest mostly in high-value hardbacks, they are the best type of decorative item anyway due to their gilded covers and beautiful illustrations. Furthermore, books can be mix-matched with other wall décor elements like funky lighting fixtures, lamps, photo frames, bowls, homemade art pieces or flower pots so that the look is less symmetrical and more interesting.

Following A Theme 

A themed wall décor concept is very appealing since it seems to tell a story to the onlooker and it draws the eye all over the wall to follow the narrative. Hanging framed photographs almost in a timeline vertically or horizontally or multiple pieces of the same art piece add a synergistic vibe to the wall which works especially well for smaller rooms where they are instantly visible. Art pieces or photographs can be hung up in contrast to the underlying wall paint color or wallpaper pattern and color scheme like cat portraits. For homeowners who sketch, having similar charcoal sketches in a line or a mosaic pattern is a beautifully understated way to display your talent.

Elongate The Wall

Everyone loves the feeling or even the illusion of a taller ceiling. Paint your walls any shade of creamy white to open up the space and use larger art pieces like a large dog watercolor painting in a gallery wall format to further elongate tall ceilings in your home if they exist or to give the illusion of a taller ceiling if you have a regular height wall. Opting for furniture that is smaller or lower (near to the floor) can create the same effect and make your walls appear much taller than they are. Use floor cushions, ottomans, rugs and shorter chairs or couches to create the sense of greater vertical space.

Vintage And Themed 

Many homeowners collect items of a certain type like vintage clocks. Typewriters, antique mirrors, frames or even special decorative plates. Dedicate a wall to hang up or display this item of choice on shelves. You can pick a larger wall for maximum impact and create a gallery wall effect. Vintage music or framed movie posters are a wonderfully eccentric wall décor concept as few people have the taste to appreciate old music or black and white movies.

Mix And Match Color, Size, Concept 

A uniform look may match a formal setting but for home wall décor, one should always strive to be as interesting and ‘straying from the norm’ as possible. Mix vintage with modern, neutral with eclectic and add diversity and variety to your framed wall art pieces for the best effect.


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