How do I choose the right pet for my household?

Depending on your home type, you may need a different type of pet. The type of housing you live in, and whether or not it has a garden, can play a significant role in determining which pets are right for you. Providing a better understanding of your options, we’ve compiled this helpful and nifty guide to assist you in choosing the right pet for your home.

Each home needs a different kind of pet

A list of pets most suited to each type of home is provided in this section. Your home’s environment will determine what type of pet will be most suitable for you.


The space you have in a house is often greater than in a flat. The result is that you will be able to keep a wider range of pets at home. Most dogs, especially those with high energy levels, may not be suitable if you do not have a garden. Your home is suited for the following pets:

The rabbit (indoors)

Outdoor or indoor cats

Energy-short dogs

Rats and hamsters kept in cages

Birds that are small

Birds with large bodies

It’s a fish


The flat

Living in a flat means that your pets are often limited in their ability to run around. The type of accommodation is not suitable for large dogs and dogs with a high energy level. Your home is best suited for the following pets:

  • The rabbit (indoors)
  • A cat (indoors)
  • Low-energy small dogs
  • Rats and hamsters kept in cages
  • Birds that are small
  • The fish
  • Invertebrates

Garden house

If There is a greater selection of pets available to you if you own a house with a garden. Prior to getting pets, make sure your garden is secure – especially if you don’t want them to escape. Your home would be a good fit for the following pets:

  • Outdoor or indoor rabbits
  • Pigeons
  • The ferret
  • Cats (indoors or outdoors)
  • The canine species
  • Rats and hamsters kept in cages
  • Species of small birds
  • Species of large birds
  • Insects
  • The turtle

Land and house with facilities

There are some houses with land and additional facilities, such as stables and equestrian areas. You can have just about any pet you like living comfortably in one of these homes, as your options are even broader. The following pets can be beneficial to you:

The rabbit (indoors or outdoors)

Pigs in Guinea

Animals like ferrets

Outdoor or indoor cats

The canine species

The horse

A donkey

Rats and hamsters kept in cages

Species of small birds

Birds with large bodies

It’s a fishIt’s a fish

There are turtles

The dog

Besides being good playmates, dogs can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and patience. Choosing the right dog breed for your home and lifestyle should always be done before adopting any pup. Dogs with gentle and patient souls are more suited to little ones who get spooked by more energetic animals, while others like to tussle with rambunctious older kids. Adopting an older dog instead of a puppy would be a better choice if you have young children at home. The patience and laid-back nature of older dogs makes them ideal for kids who might pull their tails or ears. As a starting point for your search for a pet adoption, the American Kennel Club recommends these 20 family-friendly breeds.

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