Installing a window covering for your home or office can be challenging if you have little knowledge about it. Many people like customizing their blinds and shades to add a unique style. As a result, several service providers are offering custom blinds and shades in Denver. Denver is the capital of Colorado and has 351868 housing units as of July 2021. The demand for customized window treatment is massive in Denver, and so are options. As per statistics, Window blinds in Denver can increase property value by $ 126. 

Let’s first know the popular options that one can find in Denver regarding the installation of shades and blinds. 

Types of Shades and Blinds 

Roller Shades

It is a versatile option and offers a variety of aesthetics. From contemporary to traditional, Life Blinds provides multiple roller shade options. If you are looking for a simple yet stylish window treatment, roller shades are the option for you. They can be operated manually and also through an automated system. From floral and stripes to natural weaves, the choices for fabrics are diverse.

Transitional Shades 

Transitional ones, also known as zebra shades, belong to the category of roller shades. You will have an arsenal of colors and fabrics from neutrals to purple and oranges. You will be amazed to see the advancement in technology with motorization systems – remote control, audio control, etc. Transitional shades are primarily custom-made and add a modern touch to your space. 

Wood Blinds 

If you want a classic look, opt for wood blinds. It will give a natural touch to your interiors and take you close to nature while staying indoors. The slat size and lift option can be customized based on the requirement. You can try installing wood blinds to make your small space appear more prominent. Custom blinds and shades in Denver services will take specific measurements to ensure they fit well. You will get a wide range of design options for wood blinds.

Vertical Blinds 

You can get maximum light control and privacy by installing vertical blinds in your home or office. They are an ideal option for patio doors or large windows. If you are tired of the horizontal slats on most windows, go with vertical blinds for a change. You will receive a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. 

These are only a few options; others may include solar, cellular, roman shades, etc. The other options for window blinds are faux wood blinds, composite wood blinds, etc. 

Benefits of Installing Blinds and Shades 

  • Installing blinds and shades is an excellent choice because of its durability and easy-to-maintain feature. You can easily clean any dust or dirt from the soft fabric. 
  • They add a warm, cozy, and comforting appearance.
  • One can control the amount of light which is entering in with the help of these. Your privacy remains intact as they prevent people from peeking inside. 
  • If you want a luxurious touch, try installing wood and faux blinds.

Final Thoughts 

Window blinds in Denver may cost you around $ 3 to $ 5 per sq ft. So, it is best to contact a service provider for an accurate figure. You can call for a free virtual tour or in-house consultation to get quality recommendations for giving a makeover to your space. You will have to explore the different possibilities and see what aligns with your personality, taste, and budget. Calling professionals is the best choice regarding the installation of shades and blinds. Look for the top service providers in your area and see what they offer. Choose the one with different styles and experience in the field. 


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