A bathroom without proper storage is incomplete. It will not only make it difficult for you to store the essentials, but it will also cause great inconvenience in the morning when you are trying to get ready for work. 

It is challenging to store your essentials in the loo if you have limited space. Moreover, things get further complicated when two people share one small bathroom. 

There are multiple storage options that you can consider incorporating in your loo to utilise and declutter the space. From towel rails and corner nooks to full-fledged cabinets, there are various bathroom storage options that you can consider. If you want the best quality product, you must buy allure bathrooms towel rails as they host heated and regular towel rails in a wide variety of colours and finishes. 

Bathroom Storage Options

Here are some of the bathroom storage options you can consider. 

Nook in the Shower Area 

If the bathroom has less floor space, managing all the bathing essentials in the tiny space can be challenging. To solve the problem, you can create a floating shower nook to keep the essentials. This will save some floor space while providing you with an area to store the essentials. 

Baskets and Bins

If you have the habit of storing all your undergarments or towels in the bathroom but do not have ample storage, then you can buy storage bins or baskets to store your items. 

You can buy stackable baskets and keep them on the bathroom floor to store all the garments or towels you need. 

It is an inexpensive option that does not even require a commitment. 

Use Wall-mounted Towel Rails

Use Wall-mounted Towel Rails

Instead of opting for a towel stand, consider choosing a wall-mounted towel rail. These towel rails do not take up much space while solving their primary purpose, and you can hang multiple towels on such rails. 

You can opt for brands like Allure, as allure bathrooms towel rails come in different colour options and finishes allowing you to select the best one per your bathroom’s design. 

Consider opting for a heated bathroom towel to dry your towels quickly and make the towel feel soft against your skin. 

The trend is shifting towards the black matter or brass finished bathroom fittings, and you can easily find such designs on Allure Bathrooms’ website. 

Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors

Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors

If you have a medical cabinet in your bathroom that is always cluttered, consider using the cabinet’s doors for storage. You can buy space-saving bins and install them on the cabinet’s doors. One can keep combs, hairbrushes, and other knick-knacks in the space-saving storage bin to free up some space in the cabinet. 

Install Magnetic Strips

It is common to place bobby pins, nail cutters, and other such things on top of each other in a drawer or a cabinet. Install a magnetic strip on the cabinet, and this way, all your metallic essentials like scissors, tweezers, bobby pins, etc., will be well-organised in the bathroom. 

These are some storage options that can help you maximise the storage in your bathroom. Hope you like this article, also visit Crompton for the best water heater for bathroom options.


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