When it comes to home furnishing, buying the best bed is one of the biggest investments for the family. Even if the user of the bed is one single person, there are just so many factors that need to be checked before investing in a bed – yes! Buying a bed is truly a form of investment. 

A normal human spends about 8 hours a day in bed. Having a comfortable and supporting bed and mattress is one of the most important criteria in a home. Those who are looking to buy beds online will find themselves looking at plenty of options for beds, mattresses, and pillows. 

The market for a bed is flooded with options both with brands and without brands. Choosing the best possible option keeping in mind the criteria that suit the user of the bed is important as most people generally buy one or two beds in a lifetime. 

Types of Beds

A bed can be made from different kinds of materials, in different kinds of designs, and in different sizes. You have to choose the best bedroom set, depending on your need and how well the home accommodates the bed.

Before buying the bed, a person must first analyze the space they are working with and what kind of material one would be interested in investing in. Based on these things, designs and patterns for a bed can be chosen. 

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Below are some of the types of beds based on different categories:

Based on Size

  • King Size Bed

King Size beds are the largest beds suited for a family such as 2 adults and perhaps a small kid. The size dimensions vary between each manufacturer and across the world. 

  • Queen Size Bed

Queen size bed is suitable for 2 average adults and more comfortable for one adult. They are the most used type of beds in the world.

  • Single Bed

A single bed or a diwan is used for one single person mostly used in guest rooms or in the kids’ rooms. 

Based on Material

  • Wooden Beds

Wooden beds are made from various types of wood such as mahogany, teak, rosewood, Measham, etc. They are the most premium kind of bed material.

  • Steel Bed

Steel beds are used in hospitals and for older adults as they are easy to maintain and offer various settings for comfort.

  • Engineered Wood

This material is made from manmade fiber and other wood extracts which makes them cost-effective. 

Based on Design 

  • Low Beds

Low beds are very premium looking and add a certain panache to the bedroom. One can buy beds online of this kind with various different headboard and footboard designs.

  • Storage Beds

Storage beds are the most popular kinds of beds with a storage box beneath. Buy beds online at the best prices for storage beds. 

  • Poster Beds

Poster beds are retro beds with 4 posts on all 4 corners which gives the bedroom an antique and contemporary styling.

  • Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are most suited for kids as they have two different provisions one for sleeping and another one for playing. It can be used for two kids as well.

  • Day Beds or Futon

A day bed or a futon is shaped like a couch but can be adjusted to make a bed for a guest or for additional bed facilities in rooms.


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