Charlie Watts House is a 600-acre estate that first originated in the 16th century and is located in the small community of Dolton in the county of Devon in the United Kingdom. It was the home of English singer Charlie Watts. In addition, there is an Arabian horse stud farm located on the property. Since the late 1960s, Watts and his wife Shirley had made that their home there.  

The couple had lived in a cottage in Lewes, East Sussex, known as “The Old Brewery,” before making a move to their current residence in Dolton. They moved in part because the attention from fans was becoming too much for them.  

Recently, it was reported that Rolling Stones drummer Charlie died at the age of 80. As a result of the tragic news, followers are interested in learning more about Charlie Watts House and dwellings in the areas of Devon and Lewes.  

Charlie Watts Home: Who Is Charlie Watts? 

Watts was born in London, where he later went to Harrow Art School. After graduating, he began working as a graphic designer and playing drums in jazz and rhythm, and blues bands. In 1963, he evolved as a member of The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones have amassed more than 240 million record sales thanks to their thirty studio albums and forty-eight concert tours.

They are the fourth most successful musical act of all time in terms of album sales. Watts was a part of every record and never missed a gig up until the year 2021 when he passed away. The total amount of wealth that Charlie Watts possessed was $250 million. Even though he was a skilled jazz drummer as well, the main majority of his financial success came from his work as the drummer for The Rolling Stones. Despite this, he was a very successful jazz drummer. 

Charlie Watts Home: What Sort of A Person Was He? 

Watts was noted for eschewing the conventional rock and roll lifestyle that many of his colleagues engaged in throughout their very successful careers, despite having his own difficulties with drugs and addiction, particularly for a time in the 1980s. In contrast to his peers, he led a discreet and modest life while being obediently committed to his wife.  

He was also renowned for his impeccable sense of style, frequently appearing in public wearing custom English suits and subtle collared shirts. In addition to his wife Shirley, Charlie Watts is survived by his daughter Serafina, granddaughter Charlotte, and his daughter. The couple was hitched in 1964. 

Where Did Charlie Watts Live? 

Beginning in 1967, the drummer for The Rolling Stones resided in the town of Lewes, which is located in East Sussex. He resided in a cottage built in the 16th century and known as The Old Brewery.  

However, rumors have it that Watts and his wife Shirley left the property in the late 1960s because they were sick of the unwelcome attention from admirers. In an interview that took place in 2015 with MailOnline, the owner of the Charlie Watts House discussed the rock star’s stay at the residence and provided some details about it. 

Charlie Watts House: Highlighting Crucial Aspects of the Dolton Village 

Mr. Watts and his wife, Shirley, made the Charlie Watts House on a farm located in the community of Dolton. Susan Jury, a member of the parish council, referred to the couple as a “beautiful” couple. Their “kind” contributions, according to Ms. Jury, who is the chair of the Dolton Village Hall, had even helped pay for the remodeling of the village hall.  

Mr. Watts and his wife were the owners of Halsdon Manor, a 600-acre estate that was built in the 16th century and was used for the breeding of Arabian horses. Ms. Jury recalled the day that the drummer made an unexpected visit to help re-open the village hall, which serves as a hub for a variety of community events, such as gatherings for mother and toddler groups and local scout groups. 


Where Did Charlie Watts Live? 

Dolton was home for Mr. Watts and his wife, Shirley, who had a farm there. Since 1967, the Stones’ drummer has called Lewes, East Sussex, home. The cottage he lived in was constructed in the 16th century and was originally used as a brewery. 

Who Ended up Inheriting Charlie Watts’ Property? 

The drummer distributed his entire fortune of £29.6 million among his immediate family members, with the majority of his estate going to his widow Shirley. 

Final Verdict 

Charlie Watts House was in Dolton, North Devon, where Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley made their home. The couple was well-known for their operation of Halsdon Arabians, a 600-acre stud farm where they raised Polish Arabian horses, which they ran out of the grounds of their palatial home. 

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