Drainage is one of the most important aspects of managing commercial properties. Apart from building regulations and planning permission, drainage should be an important consideration in any commercial property development project. Without proper drainage, buildings become prone to dampness and flooding, resulting in a variety of problems including mold growth and structural damage. Here are the most common drainage problems and the solutions to solve them.


If the drainage system is not adequately designed, it will be prone to blockages. Blockages can be caused by a variety of things, including leaves, organic matter, and sometimes even plastic bags. Blockages increase pressure on the remaining parts of the drainage system which may result in flooding or water seeping through into surrounding areas. The solution is to install a proper drainage system that’s suitable for the area, including clearing any existing blockages. By hiring commercial drainage services, they will be able to identify blocked drains in Dartford and solve the issue.

Clean, but not draining away

This problem is caused by a build-up of organic matter in the drainage system, causing it to block up. Finding and clearing these organic blockages is the main solution. The physical obstructions can be removed manually using brooms or other cleaning tools. Alternatively, using high-pressure water jets to blast through these blockages in pipes is an effective solution. 

Bath and toilet overflow

This can be caused by either a build-up of water within the drainage system or by a blockage caused by an excess build-up of toilet paper. The solution is to find out where the water is coming from and install flow control valves. Alternatively, if the excess paper is causing blockages, try switching to more eco-friendly bathroom products such as biodegradable toilet paper that breaks down easily in the sewage system. Blocked drains in Dartford can be cleared by hiring professional plumbers with plumbing services.

Mud behind or underneath bathroom fixtures

This is caused by a blockage caused by an accumulation of organic matter, such as hair. This organic matter eventually decomposes, which gives off an ammonia-like smell, which in turn attracts more organic matter. The solution is to employ professional plumbing services to find and clear the blockages from within the drainage system.

Shower or bath overflow

The most common causes of this are due to a build-up of lime scale in the water heater or drainage system. Clearing the drainage system using commercial plumbing services can help clear out impurities that slow down the flow of water. Lime scale removal is also a good solution to this problem. If the lime scale build-up is caused by the water heater, then you can clean it manually using vinegar or drain cleaner.

Drainage problems are a common occurrence on commercial properties. However, with the right understanding of how the system is set up, it’s possible to prevent these problems before they start. By hiring standard commercial drainage services and professionals, you can get the drainage system cleaned out. Make sure that your chosen commercial plumber is fully qualified and experienced to tackle this serious problem. You will get the best results from professional help with commercial drainage problems.


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