Homes are our sanctuaries. When we want to enjoy some rest and relaxation, we go to our homes if at all possible. If you want to experience that same sense of relaxation outside of your home, it’s time to invest in a quality, custom-built deck. Before you get started on this exciting journey, there are some important questions and factors you need to mull over. There are six factors you should always consider before adding a deck to your home: 

1. Where Do You Plan On Building the Deck? 

Depending on where you live, there may be codes, ordinances, or laws that limit the way you can build your deck. Additionally, depending on your climate, the type of material you’ll need for your deck can differ wildly. Of the many, many questions you’ll have to ask yourself and your custom deck builder before the deck is built, understanding the implications brought about by where your deck is being built is perhaps the biggest. Thankfully, professional deck builders can guide you through this sometimes confusing and frustrating process with ease. 

2. How Will You Be Using Your Deck? 

When you build a deck, especially a custom deck, you should know why you’re building it in the first place. Do you plan to host guests? Relax? Sunbathe? Grill? Whatever the answer is (and there are often multiple), you need to focus on how you can maximize your deck’s design for these activities. If you fail to take this factor seriously, you could be exposed to expensive add-ons, and redesigns in the future to maximize your deck’s ability to accommodate your usage. 

3. What is Your Budget for the Deck? 

This is perhaps the first question that any custom deck builder will ask you. Depending on what your budget is, and how firm and secure that budget is, the process behind building your deck can change drastically. You’ll need to sit down with the deck builder, lay out your vision and needs, and have them determine if your budget is sufficient enough for the project. During this time, make sure that you keep your credit as solid as humanly possible, as it will help prevent any roadblocks to getting your deck-building project started. It’s also a great idea to consider, that your deck will need a maintenance check from time to time. Finding a trusty Deck Maintenance company in your area is vital, for all your maintenance issues and questions, that fits into your budget.

4. What Materials Do You Want to Build Your Deck Out Of? 

Depending on the answers you’ve gained from the previous three questions/factors, you’ll finally be ready to determine what materials you want to build your deck out of. The variety of materials, choices, and customization options available here are difficult to overstate. Working closely with your deck builder will help you excel in finding the perfect material for your personal, financial, and climate needs. This is also an opportunity to make your deck highly unique, as cool new material choices can make your deck feel as though it came from the future. 

5. Do You Know the Aesthetic Style You’re Going for? 

Deciding the aesthetic style of your deck goes hand-in-hand with choosing the materials it will be made out of. Depending on what you’re using your deck for, you may want to with either a relaxed, or ambitious sense of style. If you’re using a custom deck builder to build a deck at a business or restaurant, the aesthetic needs of your deck might differ wildly from a residential deck. Looking online for aesthetic inspiration is highly recommended, and this can help you demonstrate exactly what you want your deck to like to your custom deck builder. 

6. Do You Want to Add-on Any Features to Your Deck? 

Depending on what type of add-ons you want to connect to your deck, you might be able to save money by building them into the deck’s construction ahead of time. If you make a list of the add-ons and adjustments you plan on doing to your deck in the future, your custom deck builder can look over them and determine if they can be integrated into the initial building plans. However, the ability to do this might not be within your budget, and some deck builders may not have the know-how to get this type of deck-building project going. Simply asking these questions to your custom deck builder will help you find the information you need to finalize your deck plans. 

Unlock Your Dream Deck

With these six questions and factors in mind, you’ll be on the path to owning your dream deck. Be sure to carefully consider each part of the construction and completion process when investing in a custom-built deck. If you do so, you’ll have many amazing outdoor memories coming your way soon. 

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