Your landscape plays an important role on your property. A beautiful landscape will add value to your property. With the right approach to landscaping, you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing space that is both functional and eco-friendly. Green-landscaping contributes to improving the local ecosystem while reducing the level of work required to maintain the landscape. You will save water, money, time and energy while enjoying an inviting and functional space. Below, we share our top tips for achieving a green landscape.

1. Trade your base materials for porous solutions

Update your base materials by switching them out for porous materials that allow for drainage of the landscape. For example, gravel is a great option for creating walkways. It offers texture while requiring no maintenance.

It allows water to drain into the ground below. Gravel can be incorporated in garden beds as well to reduce water lost to during the day and prevent the growth of weeds.

2. Add texture by using natural edging materials

Creating edges using natural materials such as rocks is an inexpensive way to create boundaries. It is also a great way to create visual interest in your landscape by adding texture.

Using natural materials to create edging is an effective way to prevent soil erosion. Natural edging also allows for better drainage of your lawn and prevents water pooling in garden beds.

3. Incorporate diverse local pant species

Incorporating diverse indigenous plants is a great way to achieve a low maintenance space. Indigenous plants will thrive in the local climate. Incorporating diverse plants will not only help to add interest in your landscape but also improve biodiversity. You will attract local pollinator species and repel pests. You will have a strong ecosystem that requires little to no maintenance.

Select plants that grow at different times of the year. This will ensure that there is always something happening on your landscape throughout the year. Be sure to select hardy species that will not require frequent watering or maintenance for a stronger ecosystem.

4. Incorporate Glow Stones

Save money and energy by incorporate glow stones. While these stones appear just like normal gravel, they are actually unique in that they store up energy from the sun’s rays during the day. These stones glow at night and give the effect of a starry night sky to your landscape. The gentle glow from the stones is enough to light your pathway. They will enhance your nights outside especially on a warm summer night.

Another great way to add a magical effect to your garden using stones is by incorporating stones with different colors. For example, you can achieve a cool and calming effect by incorporating blue, white or green stones on your pathways. These glow stones will create a unique array of colors when they glow during the night.

5. Consult a Landscape Designer

If you want to achieve the best results with your landscape, you should consult with an experienced and skilled landscape designer. A professional will not only help you achieve a beautiful space but also identify opportunities to make it eco-friendly. They understand how to apply different systems and aspects of landscaping to improve biodiversity and achieve a beautiful but green space.

At GMC Landscapes you can work with a landscape designer Seattle trusts for great results. We will help you identify opportunities to save money and make your landscape more eco-friendly. We will help you do your part for the environment while achieving a beautiful and functional landscape. Contact us now to schedule free consultation with our team and get started with creating a beautiful and eco-friendly outdoor space.


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