Home renovation trends are always changing. In fact, they’re changing so quickly that you can’t even predict what will be popular in five years’ time! However, there are certain trends that seem to stick around for a longer time. One such trend is the rise of backyard living—we see this happening more often now than ever before. Kitchens and bathrooms as equal partners is another one: it’s no longer just about having separate spaces for cooking and bathing, but also about making sure each space has its own finishes/designs. Let’s look at these and other trends you’re likely to see a lot in 2023.

Outdoors As Part of Your Interior Design

You’ve probably heard of the concept of bringing nature indoors before, but did you know that it’s actually become a trend? If you’re new to this idea or want some inspiration for what type of design choices will work best in your Downtown Dallas high rise apartment for instance, here are some great examples:

  • Plants – there’s nothing more satisfying than having fresh flowers or vegetables growing in front of windows or on bookshelves. They add color and texture without having any negative effects on light quality or air circulation like other decorating methods might have.
  • Shelves filled with books about gardening or landscaping are also great additions if you love learning about plants.

The Rise of Backyard Living

The Rise of Backyard Living

The rise in backyard living is a result of more and more people putting down roots with the focus being on the post-pandemic period. When Covid came knocking, many people found themselves stuck at home, and they had no choice but to explore what nature offers outdoors. Whether you’re living in an urban city or suburbs, there’s no shortage of land around you—and it’s becoming increasingly easy to find homes with large lots you use as gardens, play areas and even full-blown homes.

As a result, we’re seeing an uptick in homeowners who want to take advantage of their yards by making them usable again instead of just being lawns or parking lots. And if you don’t have any space at all, you can still create a stylish balcony space and use it as an outdoor home office.

Kitchens and Bathrooms As Equal Partners

Kitchens and bathrooms are also known for being “wear and tear” zones—they’re where we spend time in our homes every day, so they tend to get more wear-and-tear than other parts of our house. The result? It’s easy for small scratches or stains on cabinets or countertops to turn into bigger problems later. For this reason, it’s easy to focus more on renovating other rooms and leave out the kitchen and bathroom.

But the good news is that you can invest in your kitchen or bathroom to give it the same level of attention that you give to your other rooms. Everyone is investing in these two essential spaces. Install quartz countertops, wine storage, and a natural stone sink in your kitchen to see the magic. For the bathroom, people are using warmer undertones, curved mirrors, textured walls, and terrazzo tiles.

A Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic in the world of home renovation. It’s not just about being environmentally friendly or reducing carbon footprints; it’s also about creating spaces that are healthy and safe for you and your family. This means taking into account things like air quality, noise levels, lighting, and humidity levels.

Besides looking at construction materials with an eye toward sustainability, you can also focus on techniques like green roofs or rainwater harvesting systems to reduce water consumption during construction.

Showcasing Hobbies in Your Decor

One of the most important things you can do to show off your hobbies is by showcasing them in your home. For example, if you enjoy painting, hanging pictures of your favorite pieces of art around the house is one way to do it. Or, if you love playing guitar and singing songs at karaoke bars with friends, placing some posters or albums with music on display would be another great idea.

Making a Statement With New-Age Metal Finishes

Metal finishes are a new-age home decor trend that we will see a lot in 2023 and beyond. Metals can be used to create a statement, focal point and pattern or contrast. A good example of how you can use metal finishes is by having a kitchen island that is made from metal and has a dark finish that makes it stand out in your kitchen.


So there you have the trends we predict will be most popular in 2023. As always, you should always be prepared for future trends. You can’t predict the future, but you can be prepared with the right knowledge. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for what’s popular now—but remember that trends are always changing, so ensure that you don’t get too attached to any one thing to avoid feeling disappointed if it becomes outdated in five years’ time.


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