Subsidence: what is it?

Under your property, there is a serious problem of subsidence caused by the ground. As a result, the foundation of your house can become unbalanced, causing your walls and floors to move from their original groundwork and causing cracks and destabilisation.In addition to landslides, heaves, and settlements, the foundation of your property can shift due to other issues as well:

Heaven is what?

Ground beneath the property shifts upwards due to heave, causing walls, floors, and foundations to shift up as well.

Landslips: what are they?

When a house is built on or near a slope, landslides occur as sideways movements.

Settlement – what is it?

During a settlement, a building’s weight presses down on the soil beneath it, causing the property to move downward. If you are experiencing a similar issue, you should know that compaction is another term for a settlement

What is the solution to subsidence?

In addition to soil compaction, loss of ground moisture, excessive excavation, and erosion, there are several factors that can contribute to soil subsidence. Often, subsidence is caused by ground instability, and the damage appears to be reversed as the ground shifts back and forth.

Ground stabilisation technology from Mainmark.

Using resin injection ground stabilisation, the ground is stabilised, sunken buildings are raised and levelled, and soil stabilisation is added to strengthen the foundation and stop the soil underneath and around the buildings from sliding. Thousands of homes around the world have been raised, re-leveled, and re-supported by us.

Subsidence repair costs how much?

Use our online form to submit your enquiry.Describe the type of foundation issues you’re experiencing in a brief message.

If you are interested in scheduling a site assessment, please contact our friendly customer service team. experts will visit your home or property, assess the damage, and determine the likely cause and also fix it. In addition to providing a detailed quote, they will determine the best approach for your building, creating a plan specific to its needs.

What are the signs of subsidence?

Subsidence and voids under the ground can cause sinking floors, cracked walls, jamming doors and windows. 

There are many reasons why this happens, including unstable or weak ground, a broken pipe that causes soil erosion, moisture changes in clay soil, nearby building and excavation works, and seismic activity or liquefaction.Underpinning with our solutions is like keyhole surgery compared to concrete underpinning; they are cutting-edge and modern.In addition to concrete slab floors, we offer alternatives to underpinning.In addition to underpinning, raising, and re-leveling strip footings and raft slabs, we can also infill under slabs and driveways.

In order to strengthen the ground beneath the foundations, re-level and re-support the home, Mainmark’s engineered resin injection solution, Teretek®, was applied in a U-shaped formation beneath the external walls at the back of the house.The project was completed in one day and minimal disruption to the residents was caused by the quick completion time.In addition to providing peace of mind to the family, the solution has also ensured that their home will remain stable and liveable for years to come.


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