Is your bookcase missing support? Or do you just want to lift it up for a better look? Then you are at the right place. This guide on ‘How to add legs to a bookcase’ will help you do the job in the easiest and best possible manner.

There are many different attachment choices available when it comes to adding legs to a bookcase;  choose the one that best suits your needs and the design of your bookcase. If you have a Globe Wernicke bookcase then it must be old so don’t forget to learn how to date Globe Wernicke bookcase first, to avoid any kind of damage. Now, let’s begin!

What are the ways to add legs to a Bookcase?

add legs to furniture


Furniture feet come in a variety of styles, and there are numerous approaches to completing this task. Examine each one separately to effectively add legs to furniture.

Use T-Nuts:

adding legs to a bookcase


These nuts can be installed from the surface to create a solid connection and attach a bolt partially through the foot. If you use T-Nuts to attach legs to a bookcase, you can simply take the legs off when you need to relocate the bookcase. 

T-Nut are the best choice for wood base but it is not recommended for metal bases. Moreover, if your bookcase prevents access to the top of the mounting surface then try another option.

Use Dowel Screws: 

adding legs to a bookcase


If you are looking for a fast and easy installation method for adding feet to a bookcase then use a ¼” x 2” dowel screw. Install it halfway into the foot first, and then screw the foot’s remaining 7/8″ of exposed thread into the underside of your furniture.

These types of screws work best for solid or dense wood bases so if you have chosen the thin and long feet or your furniture’s base is of soft wood or metal then look for other options. 

Use Metal Plates:

Another one on our list of how to add legs to a bookcase is by using metal plates (straight/angled). Its installation is quite simple, with the help of the screws, attach the metal plate under the side of your bookcase and then install the bolt. 

This could be your best pick for lighter-duty applications and for Longer and thinner feet but it is not suitable for Heavy load bearing. Moreover, if your bookcase is of a softer wood base and you keep changing its place don’t go for this one.

Use Threaded Inserts:

adding legs to a bookcase


For heavy load bearing, you can use threaded inserts to add legs to furniture but it requires some skills. People who are skilled can easily install them into the underside of the bookcase directly and then install a foot of any style.

If you move your furniture frequently, you can remove the screws with ease, but if you’ve never done this kind of job before, seek professional assistance to prevent harm. It is not advised to use for metal bases but works best with wooden bases.

Use of Wood Blocks:

If you are looking for a quick and easy method then you can use mounted wood blocks which are available in different sizes. With the help of screws, attach them underside of your bookcase. They are suitable for heavy load bearing, you can use them for both square or round feet. However, these are not recommended for metal bases.

Use of Cleats:

For heavy load bearing, you can use single-angled cleats, these are easy to install and strong. You can attach cleats with the help of screws underside of your bookcase and unscrew it any time you feel like moving it around. These, however, are not advised for use with metal bases or with less obvious hardware attachments.

Method to add legs to Bookcase:

Now, you must have an  idea of How to add legs to a bookcase, however, read this heading to know how you can perfectly do it.

  • Start by placing your bookcase on its sides and stabilize its base by adding a new board. 
  • Once you are done, now remove it and mark the areas where you add plates for the legs. 
  • Do a proper measurement because everything depends on it so stay focused and do it efficiently. 
  • Now, it’s time to add the plates to the corners with the help of screws. 
  • Drill the holes and install feet to your bookcase as we discussed above. 
  • Once you are done with installing bolts, tighten them up and paint the legs if you wish to match them with the color of your bookcase.
  • Stand your bookcase and set it anywhere you desire.

Wrapping Up:

Adding legs to a bookcase is not a difficult task when you have complete knowledge and a little bit of experience in doing such tasks. We hope that you found our guide useful and now you can easily choose the best way to add feet to your bookcase without damaging it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you add height to the bookcase?

Adding legs to furniture is the best way to increase the height, if your furniture already has feet then you can replace them with bigger ones. Do proper measurements before doing it to avoid unbalanced furniture.

Can you glue furniture legs?

If your furniture leg is broken then it is not a bad idea to use glue to fix it but if you are looking for something that lasts long, you can replace it by using screws and bolts.

Does the bookcase need legs?

To make it easier to move around the house or to add height or stability, adding legs to it is the best idea. However, it totally depends on your choice and requirement and it is not necessary if you haven’t changed the place of your bookcase in years.


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