This article is based on the details of Huey Lewis house located in Montana near Stevensville, he considers this home as his permanent residence.

The singer who is suffering from a hearing disease has been living on his Montana ranch for quite a while and his fans are curious to know about its details which are not easily available so we are here to help. Keep reading till the end!

Who is Huey Lewis?

Who is Huey Lewis

Hugh Anthony Cregg III who is also known as Huey Lewis is an American singer and songwriter, he was born on July 5, 1950, in New York City and was Marin County, California. His father was Irish-American and his mother was Polish which means he is of mixed ethnicity. 

He is the lead singer of his band and loves to play harmonica, the best-selling album of their band is Sports. The soundtrack of the 1985 film Back to the Future was also sung by his band. From 1972 to 1979, Huey Lewis also used to play with the band Clover. Let’s move on to the details of Huey Lewis house.

Where is Huey Lewis Montana home located?

The huge ranch of Huay Lewis is located near Stevensville, Montana, United States. He bought the 500-acre ranch in 1987 and has been living here since then.

The details of its bedrooms and bathrooms are missing from the internet but we have seen him jamming in the kitchen in one of his Youtube videos, the chef’s kitchen looks so cool and is designed beautifully.

From the windows of the kitchen, the garden can be seen which is full of his favorite plants. Huey Lewis Montana home neighbors often do duck hunting and so does this singer.

He was also been criticized for putting a fence to stop people from doing it. He has also been seen jumping on the trampoline outside his home.

Wrapping Up:

We have added all the details of Huey Lewis house above and we hope that you found them interesting which is a sure thing if you are his fan.

A lot of his house details are missing from the internet but we will update them as soon as they are made available. Meanwhile, you can read about the Vince McMahon house which is such a treat to the eye!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big is Huey Lewis’s ranch?

The American singer Huey Lewis has a 500-acre ranch in Montana which he found in 1987. It is considered his permanent residence and he loves to spend time here. 

Did Huey Lewis get his hearing back?

Huey Lewis has Mienere’s disease due to which he is unable to listen to music frequencies and sometimes it becomes worse as he loses his hearing ability for a while but thankfully it comes back. However, the disease remains. 

Where is Huey Lewis Montana ranch?

Huey Lewis Montana ranch is located near Stevensville in Bittetroot Valley.


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