Whether you are just starting out, looking to make some money on the side, or even completely switching careers, real estate might just be the thing you are looking for. You are probably asking yourself “Is a real estate agent a good career?” Well, we are here to help you find an answer.

When you compare a real estate career to other careers that have similar potential earnings, you will notice that real estate is much easier to get into. Becoming a real estate agent or broker has several benefits that a lot of people find quite appealing such as meeting different people, helping them find a home, and lastly you are your own boss. However, actually becoming a real estate agent will require time and effort on your part. This is especially true if you want to have a successful career.

In this article, we are going to help you determine if real estate is the right career choice for you. We will answer all of your questions regarding the things to know about a real estate career itself, necessary skills, pros and cons, and more, so without any more delay let’s dive right in.

Is a Career in Real Estate Right for Me?

Looking at real estate, it is difficult to generalize it as there are different career options in real estate. This is because real estate has many different fields to choose from and each field will require a different skill set as well as a personality. To give an example, there is a clear difference between a commercial real estate agent and a residential one. When we are talking about commercial real estate agents, they are required to know how to determine the value of the property by forecasting income and profit. Additionally, they will also need to get familiar with different contract terms such as leases.

No matter what skill set you possess or what your personality is, you will most likely find a real estate field that can work for you. If you want to give real estate a try, then the question should not be if real estate is right for you but rather what field of real estate.

Pros and Cons

As with anything else, there are some pros but also cons to becoming a real estate agent. Here is what you need to know.


To begin with, becoming a real estate agent does not take that much time. In most states, acquiring a license in real estate will not take more than a few months. In some cases, it can take as little as a few weeks. It all depends on the state you choose. The process is also quite simple, all you have to do is complete the necessary amount of course hours and pass the final exam. After that, you can apply for the license and after acquiring it you can either work as your own boss or you can join a brokerage.


Becoming a real estate agent takes time, effort, and money. As we mentioned, acquiring a license takes next to no time, however, creating a successful career does. Also, passing the final exam means that you will have to prepare extremely well because if you happen to fail, you will have to wait for another chance and pay additional fees.

Start a Career in Real Estate

Starting a career in real estate does require that you have certain skills. Even though they are vital for the success of your career, it does not mean you cannot learn them while you are working.

One of the most basic skills you will need is the so-called “people skill”. You can probably guess what this is about. Real estate agents need to be charismatic and enthusiastic. When you are talking directly to your customers it is important that you are confident. If you need some practice with this, there are some great books and classes that can help you to develop this skill better.

This next one is more of a routine than a skill but still necessary for a successful career. What we are talking about is a solid work ethic. Without one, you will most likely make next to no money. As a real estate agent, the more properties you move the more money you will earn. So, a good work ethic is extremely important in this line of work.

Another skill that is closely tied to the “people skill” is customer service. This goes without saying, but keeping your clients happy is crucial. Keep in mind that during your career you will meet a lot of different people. Some of them will be the best clients you ever had while some will make your day very difficult. With that in mind, you need to be ready to provide the same customer service to every single client.

All in all, if you are prepared to put in the work, then real estate might just be the career you were waiting for.


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