Designing your own home is a great opportunity to create a space that’s perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences. When your search for a new home begins, make sure to check the latest home designs and seek inspiration. 

Owning a home is an important milestone in life and you want to make sure you take all the right steps before making the investment. A home is more than walls, doors and windows under a roof, but it is a place where you should feel most comfortable and safe, enjoy beautiful moments with family and friends and by yourself whenever you need it. 

You don’t have to be a pro to design the perfect home. Instead, you may consider new house design ideas and prefabs to find what you are looking for. The whole concept of prefabricated and modular homes is not a new thing, but it’s gaining more popularity lately thanks to its positive impact on the environment and being the most sustainable way to build. 

New House Design Ideas


Traditional construction methods and materials are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouses emissions and reducing them is a global goal that we should all try to achieve. Thanks to the innovative prefabs that bring together energy efficiency, safety and aesthetics, modern contemporary homeowners can keep their dreams alive. 

Things to Consider

Your Home’s Placement

Your Home's Placement


Before you start designing your house, find the perfect spot for it. Where it sits on the property and how it is oriented will affect a lot of things, including your home’s interior and room placement, as some sides of the house may get more natural light than others.

The physical orientation of your house can play a big role in how much free heating from the sun it gets during wintertime and how much it keeps out during the hot summer days.

Energy-Efficient Materials

With the use of energy-efficient materials and innovative technologies, this type of home provides a lot of benefits for you as a homeowner and for the environment as well. It helps reduce emissions and increase the awareness of eco-oriented construction.


A higher level of insulation and draught-proofing results in improved airtightness, lower heating and cooling requirements and increased comfort. The house is more resistant to heat losses and gains through walls and ceilings and produces comfortable temperatures inside the home all year round. 

Double Glazed Windows

This type of window is a common feature of an eco-friendly home. Double glazed windows can reduce winter heat loss and noise pollution, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home without being disturbed.

LED Lights

Eco-conscious consumers choose LED lighting solutions as they emit little heat and last longer than incandescent lights. They are a trend in efficient outdoor lighting and indoor lighting as well.

Is It Worth It?

Reduced Monthly Bills

Reduced Monthly Bills


Even if the initial cost may seem high, keep in mind that it will be earned back after a few years through the savings you make.

Consider minimising the size of your home through a smarter new house design, so there will be no loss of function and you will reduce the amount of heating and cooling needed in your home as it is proportional to the floor area. This is a cost-effective way in achieving a modern and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Reduced Upkeep Costs

Energy-efficient materials are durable and require less maintenance, which can significantly help to reduce the environmental impact of your house and save you money on costly repairs.

Improved Well Being

Investing in a prefab or modular home results in a healthier environment, both indoor and outdoor. They are considered eco-friendly as the construction process produces less waste and the materials used are free from harmful finishes and environmental pollutants, which are safer to build and to create a healthier home for you and your family. 

Tips on How to Design Your Modern Home’s Interior to Match Your Lifestyle

Tips on How to Design Your Modern Home’s Interior to Match Your Lifestyle


Fuse Rooms Together

When you design your living space, make sure to think about your lifestyle and how your home should reflect that. Modern homes incorporate open-concept floor plans with fewer dividing walls and multipurpose rooms that flow together seamlessly. If you’re needing some inspiration and ideas on how to develop your home, you should check out sites such as Proficiency LTD for some great renovation ideas and even better, they will fit and complete the work for you too.

Feel free to save some space and create convenience as it works best for all family members. Entertaining in the kitchen is becoming a more popular concept, turning this area into the social hub of modern contemporary homes. 

Let There Be Lots of Light

The homes of today celebrate and accentuate light, especially natural light. Try to let light in whenever possible and emphasise light throughout your home by focusing on windows treatments. Simplicity is the newest trend in home interiors and unadorned windows bring light into interiors effortlessly.

Artificial light can help to create a calming atmosphere in your home when the night time comes, so you may consider ambient lighting and accent lighting to brighten up your home, so you can illuminate any area you need and highlight key features in your home such, like a painting or well-crafted sculpture

Bring Nature In

There are many different ways to incorporate nature into your home and one of the simplest and easiest ways is to use colour wisely and ground the space with muted, earthy blue and green as main hues and balance it out with neutrals like beige and of course, black and white.

Also, make sure to add some plants to your home interior as well as plants inspired art pieces. Natural materials don’t have to be reserved for wood furniture only and you can make use of materials such as stone, teak, cotton, wool and other textiles.

Unclutter the Space

Cultivate calm and serenity by keeping clutter at bay and focusing on keeping décor to a minimum. A simple and uncluttered “less is more” look without the use of heavy elements and ornate designs are preferred in new, modern and contemporary homes.

Organisers and simple, but attractive containers are very popular solutions for decluttering and tidying up living spaces these days.


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