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Privacy Policy

At Home Creatives, privacy is our primary concern. We make sure to keep the identity & personal information of our users safe & protected from theft at any cost.

Privacy Policy

Things You Should Know

The sole purpose of Home Creatives is to provide you with the best content related to home improvement. Hence, we collect data from our visitors which is used to make their browsing experience better on our website. We collect your information whenever you fill out a form, subscribe to our newsletter, or leave your comments & queries on Home Creatives.

We make sure that no unauthorized parties have access to the data of our esteemed users. Only authorized personnel which includes our team, & staff is permitted use of accessing your data & that too for only the enhancement of your experience.

Information Which We Accumulate

To provide Home Creatives users with the best-personalized experience on this site, we gather meaningful data. This personal information is either collected through third-party sources or is provided by you through different mediums. The collected data includes basic details about the visitors such as their name, phone number, email, geolocation, and other contact info. Additionally, the IP address of your computer & information about your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is collected. Operating system information is also collected through data collecting sources.

Our site includes the data collected through the patterns at which you operate. This data consists of the number of pages viewed, products reviewed on the site & advertisements clicked.

The accumulated information is utilized for various purposes & objectives which adds value to your life & user experience with us. Information may be used for redesigning & enhancing the page structure which gives you a smooth user experience than before. Emails are collected to send you useful emails from Home Creatives to keep you regularly updated about new topics & daily arrivals of blogs & articles along referring you promotions & offers.


Home Creatives uses cookies that are data saved by the website to enrich user experience upon revisiting our site. Clickstream & log file data is also collected for analyzing the overall user experience. The method of collection of data does not compromise the anonymity of the user.

Your permission & consent is sought before we employ cookies. Also, cookies may be disabled through browser settings & tools. Using ad blockers & such tools will affect your browsing experience with our site hence it is best to disable them.

Third Parties

Our website comprises product offerings & advertisements from third-party websites that have different privacy policies for their users.

There is no personal endorsement for any of the offered products & services by Home Creatives.

Upon your agreement to our privacy policy, we have the right to disclose your data to third parties. It is not our responsibility for any misuse or unethical practice from the third parties’ side.

It is an appeal to you that you carefully read their conditions & terms concerning the data usage & privacy policy before buying products & services from third-party websites.

Updates in the Privacy Policy

We regularly update our privacy policy according to the rules & regulations globally regarding privacy concerns. Do check out the privacy policy regularly for further amendments & updates.

Queries & Questions:

If you have any queries or questions regarding the privacy policy, feel free to mail them at info@homecreatives.net.We will answer all of your concerned queries.

Contact Us:

For more information about the privacy policy, and recommendations to Home Creatives, or for providing your valued feedback about us, email us at info@homecreatives.net.

Last Updated: 22nd November 2023