In this article, you will find the exact Rust valley restorers location so if you are interested to know all the related information, stay with us till the end. This Canadian documentary series was produced by Mayhem Entertainment for History in association with Corus Entertainment.

The South Shuswap, often known as “Rust Valley,” is a region in Tappen, British Columbia where this television series was filmed. The series was set in this locale because of the distinctive car community and junkyards that are known for it. It was filmed in a shop where expert craftsmen restore, trade, and sell ancient cars to turn them into collector automobiles.

The owner of Rust Bros Restorations ‘Mike Hall’ stated that “This is my passion. I don’t remember faces or where I put my car keys, but the car stuff, it just sticks with me”. He started buying vehicles when he was in his 20s and has always had a fondness for them. He claimed that while working as a rock scaling contractor, he came across numerous vehicles while traveling throughout British Columbia.

where is rust valley restorers located


Where are rust valley restorers located?

If you have watched the show, you must have heard about Mike’s business known as Rust Brothers Restorations. The area shown in the series is called Rust Valley which is located near the town of Tappen in British Columbia. Some people might find the name Rust Valley odd, but you should know that it is because of the wide fields filled with rusting old cars.

Do you know that Mike Hall is the owner of at least 400 of these junkers? That’s accurate. The Rust Valley Restorers chose their location with the awareness that the area’s dry air aids in the preservation of vintage vehicles. The team is making every effort to restore some of the most priceless automobiles to their previous splendor.

When you see this Rust valley restorers location in pictures, you will see the tons of rocky mountains nestled on Tappen Bay. If you wish to know more about it, you can visit British Columbia’s website which has all the details about classic cars in Tappen. 

In short, this location was perfect for this show and now that it is on Netflix in the United States, more people would like to know where is rust valley restorers located! People who share the same passion as Mile Hall are already in love with this place.

Things to know about Rust valley restorers location:

Now that you know the Rust valley restorers location, here are some things you might want to know, read the details below:

  • When Mike Hall and his Canadian restoration shop were in news due to some of his business moves, this area caught the eye of the makers of this TV series.
  • People can buy vintage cars at reasonable prices from this shop.
  • People who watched the show are amazed to see the fair prices of such amazing cars.
  • After the show aired, the mechanics’ businesses and even individual mechanics gained so much notoriety that they frequently perform specialized work for prominent clients.
  • Mike Hall has made appearances before; in 2017, he participated in the Discovery Channel of Canada’s “Highway Thru Hell” series before landing his own show.
  • The first three seasons of the show, which debuted on the History Channel before being eventually picked up by Netflix, are currently accessible on the streaming service.
  • The name of the series comes from the distinctive setting of its subject.
  • Mike makes most of his money from the car restoration business, he invests primarily in his vehicles and restoration business. It became out that Hall had his own company, Chimera Springs Rock Works, in the slope stabilization sector.
  • Through the auction firm, Electric Garage, he sold the land and is currently selling the automobiles. 
  • The “Mike Hall Collection of over 500 Unreserved Cars” auction took place two years back.

Wrapping Up:

So what do you think about the Rust valley restorers location? Are you amazed to see the perfect location of the series? Indeed, British Columbia which is a province of Canada is such an astounding place. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section given below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Rust Valley garage located?

The location seen in this TV series is in the South Shuswap which is an area in Tappen, British Columbia, also known as ‘Rust Valley’.

Is Rust Valley Restorers Canadian?

Yes, it is a Canadian documentary television series presented by Mayhem Entertainment in collaboration with Corus Entertainment for the History channel.

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