A bedroom is an immensely personal space for every individual or couple and therefore needs more care and creativity with regard to its interior design. If you are considering renovating your bedroom, you will likely be bombarded with images and inspiration from Instagram or design blogs and be at a loss as to which design to choose and how to execute it on a reasonable budget. Here are some tips for renovating your bedroom and making a world of difference to your space.

Make Lists

Bedrooms should never be renovated on a whim or to follow a certain trend as they need to be compatible with your lifestyle and super comfortable and calming. Sticking to personal preference is very important especially if you work odd hours or are attached to certain colors. 

Most people are influenced in terms of mood by different colors especially wall paint colors that Washington DC House Painters bring to life. A bedroom is a perfect place to relax and be rejuvenated so the use of color and lighting becomes a major factor.  Make a number of lists pertaining to different aspects of your current room so you can change exactly what you need to, without wasting money or time going the wrong route first.

Ask the following questions before you embark on a bedroom renovation:-

  • Note down the changes you would like to make in your room such as changing the wall paint color, the furniture, and curtains or restyling it entirely to fit a concept you adore. Once you note down your practical needs and preferences, it becomes easier to communicate them to an interior designer or to find places that stock items you need if you are carrying out the renovation design yourself. 
  • Define your personal sense of style such as retro, modern, minimalist and so forth so that later when you go shopping, you aren’t confused or don’t end up overspending on décor items that do not fit into that style. The style should ideally also create a feeling for example of a larger room or a darker room if work mostly night shifts and need rest during the day. 
  • Deciding on what your bedroom is going to primarily be used for is another concern to bear in mind. Do you share it with a partner or with one or more pets? Do you also use it for filming social media videos or as a second office?

A Good Cleaning 

No renovation plan is complete without a deep clean of all your belongings as purging items that do not give you joy anymore is vital to mental health and it clears space for you to pursue your new interests with confidence and happiness. Make piles of clothes, books, décor or other personal effects that you want to donate or sell (plenty of websites will sell preloved clothes or other items). Make an organizational plan for items you want to keep like sentimental value objects, books or clothes so that they can be incorporated into the renovation like adding extra shelving, closets or buying furniture that doubles as extra storage.

Paint Your Heart Out 

Wall paint or the use of wallpaper changes the look of a bedroom completely, and if you are doing it yourself, it won’t cost a fortune either as it can be done with some basic tools or materials from the hardware store. Choose colors that inspire good moods and ward off depression and you can always invest in the concept of baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights as lighting makes all the difference to the latter and the former. 

Wallpapers come in every possible color and pattern and some are more vintage and unique as well as they may be one of the last of their kind to exist. Wallpaper can be tremendously impactful especially if you are pairing it with wall paint and only applying it on one chosen accent wall. Wallpaper can be used as a tool of demarcation as well such as to break the monotony and indicate a separate vanity nook or a book storage area.

Only What You Love 

When it comes to choosing wall art, décor items, fabrics and linens, furniture and other items, always go with what you love even if it is distinctly out of fashion. In a bedroom the focal point is the bed so other furniture that takes away from it is usually a bad idea. Go softer on the rest of the furniture and have floor cushions, couch chairs or ottomans instead for extra seating. You can have a bed that is very ornamental or minimalist, depending on the style you prefer.


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