Make Sure Your Cat Always Has Fresh, Clean Water

Cats are furry creatures, and their fur needs water to stay healthy and clean. If your cat isn’t getting enough fresh water, she will not clean herself as well, which will lead to an increased risk of both UTIs and fleas. Additionally, she may be missing out on important minerals, vitamins, and proteins found only in fresh water. Talk to your veterinarian or a local cat care provider to find out how often your cat needs to drink and to recommend a drinking fountain that suits her needs.

 Having a fountain that is too large for your home will mean fewer trips to the kitchen and more trips to the litter box, so be sure to find one that is the right size for your cat’s needs.

Deodorize Your Cat’s Litter Box

If your cat uses an extra large litter box indoors, you’re probably already aware of the importance of keeping it clean. If, however, your cat isn’t cleaning her own litter box, then this might be a sign that she isn’t feeling well. Additionally, a dirty litter box can lead to your cat having an increased risk of UTIs and parasites. To prevent this, make sure that your cat’s litter box is clean and disinfected on a regular basis. 

One of the best ways to deodorize your cat’s litter box is to place a few sticks of lemon in the box with the litter. Lemons are commonly used to deodorize things like closets and garages, and they have been shown to be a great deodorizer while they are also thought to be safe for indoor use.

Keep Your Cat Inside When Possible

If possible, don’t let your cat out at all if she is indoor-only, especially if she is young. When your cat is home alone, she will be more likely to make messes and develop bad habits such as spraying. Keeping your cat inside will also help to keep her odor-free as she will be unable to mark her territory with urine and feces as often as she would if she was out in the wild. If you must let your cat out, keep in mind that cats are social creatures and want to be closer to other cats than to other people. This means that making regular excursions outside will help to keep your cat’s social needs met while keeping her odor-free.

Clean Up Your Cat’s Hair and Claws on a Regular Basis

As your kitty grows older, she will start to shed her hair and begin to grow her own claws. Both of these things happen because your cat is a wild animal, and they both come with a scent that will make your home smell like your cat. You can help to keep your home odor-free by regularly cleaning up your cat’s hair and claws. If possible, keep your cat indoors so that you have an easy way to clean up after her. 

If you must let your cat out, make sure to bring along a soft cloth or paper bag that you can use to clean up your cat’s hair and claws. The smellier your cat’s hair and claws are, the harder it will be for your cat to keep herself clean and the more likely she will be to make messes.

Use Natural Odor-Neutralizing Household Items

If your home already smells great, then you might be wondering, how do I keep my cat odor-free? Fortunately, there are many natural ways to deodorize your home as well as prevent your cat from smelling bad, including using lemon oils on your floors, cleaning your air vents regularly, and using a diffuser to clean your air. Lemon oils have been used for centuries to keep homes and spaces smelling fresh, and they are odorless and colorless which means they are safe for your indoor spaces and your cat.

Natural odor-neutralizing household items like lavender oil and neem oil can be purchased in stores that sell organic products or online. These items are great for cleaning your air and keeping your indoor spaces smelling fresh, and they are also safe for your cat to use. Make sure that you only use odor-neutralizing household items when you have deodorized your home. When you first use these products, your home might smell different than usual, but it will go back to normal over time.

Don’t Forget to Bathe Your Cat

Finally, make sure that you remember to bathe your cat as well. Cats groom themselves while they are sleeping, so baths only happen when they are awake. Bathing your cat can help to remove hair and fur that has become embedded with urine and feces. If you bathe your cat while he is deodorized, the water will help to keep him clean and odor-free. 

Additionally, many cats like being washed, and washing your cat can be a great way for you to de-stress. If your cat is too old for a bath and he doesn’t like frequent washings, don’t despair. You can help your cat to feel clean and smell fresh by keeping his fur clean and de-odorized.


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