Welcoming guests into your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. Will they judge your décor? Will they find your cooking subpar? With so many worries swirling around in your head, it’s easy to forget the most important thing: making your guests feel right at home.

Making your home welcoming for your guests is an art form. But, in essence, it comes down to a single golden rule: treat others how you’d like them to treat you.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure your guests feel right at home:

Dedicate a Room for Them to Relax In

You probably remember sleeping on the couch to welcome guests when you were a child. It’s because, in those days, hosting guests meant giving up your room for a week. It disturbed your daily routine and left you little time or space to yourself.

Today, luckily, you don’t have to make such drastic sacrifices. If you have enough space in the house, dedicate a room for your guests. It could be your guest bedroom, study room, or living room. Make it a point to keep this area clean and clutter-free for your guests.

Remove your bulky and dusty furniture to replace it with a more comfortable and multifunctional one. Daybeds, for instance, are a lifesaver.

You don’t have to part with your existing furniture if you don’t want to. Rent storage units to store them till the guests leave. These are economical, flexible, and secure solutions for short-term storage.

Prepare the Essentials

Your guests won’t expect a 5-star hotel experience. But it’s nice to have the basics. Providing your guests with toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste saves them the hassle of bringing or buying their own.

First aid kits, portable chargers, extra towels, and hangers are other essentials you can provide.

In the kitchen, ensure you have some snacks on hand, such as chips, crackers, and nuts. This makes it easier for them to grab a quick snack when feeling peckish. It also helps to have a well-stocked pantry with beverages such as coffee, tea, and juices.

Set a Corner for Their Stuff

Your guests will probably be a little hesitant when they first enter. They have a lot of things to carry and nowhere to put them.

Designate a corner for their suitcases so that they have a spot to unpack. Have a place for them to charge their phones, keep their shoes, and hang up their jackets.

It doesn’t have to be a separate room. An area near the door or entrance works too. Install some hooks for their jackets and umbrellas and place a shoe rack. And don’t forget a side table for their keys and wallets.

Paying attention to this pointer will also ensure your home doesn’t turn into a cluttered mess.

Get Your HVAC Inspected Beforehand

HVAC systems, although extremely important, often get the least attention. But if you’re hosting older people or people with allergies, the air quality in your home becomes a priority.

Before you welcome guests, inspect your HVAC systems for potential problems. This includes checking the air filters and vents for proper functioning.

Also, inspect the thermostat to ensure it’s set at a comfortable temperature. This is especially important in the winter and summer months. A professional HVAC expert can help resolve any problems.

Have An Open Room for Kids

If you’re hosting kids, try to make their stay as fun and comfortable as possible. Set aside a room for them with books, toys, and games. You can buy a bouncy castle or a mini trampoline if you’re hosting a toddler.

Safety gates, cushions, and plastic guards are other basic items you can provide for their protection.

It’ll keep the parents at ease as they won’t have to watch after their little ones continuously. And the kids will stay occupied so you can attend to other duties.

If your guests have teens, find out what activities interest them. Maybe you can take them around town or to the nearby theme park. 

Prepare Some Fun Activities

This is especially important if you’re hosting large groups or family reunions. Have some fun activities and games planned for everyone. Dumb charades, board games, and quizzes are all excellent ideas. 

Movie nights are another great way to spend some time with guests. Make a list of some family-friendly movies. Rent a projector to get that theater-like experience.

Prepare a list of nearby attractions such as museums, parks, and galleries. Take your guests out on the weekends and spend quality time with them.

Train Your Pets

Your dog might not be as ready to host as you are. It might bark too often or jump on guests, especially when you don’t introduce them properly. It can become a safety hazard if you have bigger breeds like a German Shepherd.

Train your pets before welcoming guests, and make sure they’re used to people and won’t cause any trouble. If you have cats, ensure you keep the litter box clean. No one feels comfortable in a smelly house.

You’ll also need a lint remover, a carpet cleaner, and a vacuum cleaner for any pet hair. 

The Little Touches

Small details such as a handwritten note, a vase of flowers, and a bowl of fresh fruit all go a long way in making your guests feel right at home.

In the bedroom, place some fresh linens and extra pillows. Prepare the bed with a nice comforter. Also, ensure enough blankets and towels for them to use.

Throw in some decorative pieces like a scented candle, an air freshener, or an oil diffuser to make the space more inviting.

And don’t forget to stock up on board games, magazines, and books. This will give them something to do if they feel like staying in.

If they’re coming from far away, you could also stock up on some goodies from their hometown. They’ll love the gesture.


Making your guests feel at home is one of the most important tasks you can do when hosting. Put in a bit of effort, and your guests will appreciate it. Remember, warm hospitality is the best way to make someone feel at home. So, pay attention to every nook and corner of your home. And you’ll be sure to make a good impression!


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