Renovating your house or planning a change in the interior can be very hectic and tiresome. We found ourselves often confused between selecting designs and other things for our house.

If you are facing a similar circumstance and are stuck at finding and selecting a perfect interior door for your house, then rest assured that the Lovre doors would be the best option for you.

What are Louvre Doors? 

What are Louvre Doors? 


Louver or commonly written as Louvre doors is a name of a specific style of interior doors which is designed with horizontal and parallel blades of wood, panels of glass and other light materials. The main purpose of this design is to facilitate the room and surrounding with natural light and ventilation.

The horizontal panels on Louvre doors are either fixed or movable which is chosen according to the preference. Mostly the doors Louvre design are used in interiors and give the room they are fitted in an aesthetic feel.

This design was considered as an old-fashioned design, but recently this design of doors, Louvre is getting much recognition and are back in demand.

Louvre Doors have become an essential part of modern household design and is preferred by many house-owners as it gives the house a modern look while costing very little. This design is best for use in small spaces that require good ventilation.

The panels on Louvre doors keep the room ventilated and let the flow of natural light possible even when the doors are closed. The movable panels are easily controllable to ensure privacy when required.

Where Louvre Doors Can be Used?

Where Louvre Doors Can be Used?


Louvre doors having a versatile design can be used for any room of the house. Whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, closet or any other room of the house, Louvre doors are a good option, you just have to know how to modernize Louvre doors.

  • Louvre Doors In Kitchen: Louvre doors are most commonly used in kitchen and kitchen cupboards. This design ensures that all the shelves and cupboards in the kitchen are well ventilated.
  • Louvre Doors in Bedroom: Some people think that the louvre door in the bedroom is a bad idea and the privacy of the bedroom is compromised by using this door. This in fact is not the case as the panels on the louvre doors are easily manageable and give you the option to open or close to protect your privacy.
  • Louvre Doors In Bathroom: Similarly to the bedroom, using louvre doors in the bathroom is completely safe and does not threaten your privacy. Using a louvre door in the bathroom allows the air to flow regularly, keeping the atmosphere inside the bathroom breathable and fresh.
  • Louvre Doors In Closet: Closet doors are commonly designed with Louvre doors which allows the clothes and other things inside the closet to have ventilated and regulated air to avoid smell and dampness in clothes.
  • Louvre Doors in Stores and Spas: Louvre doors are often used in many stores for decoration purposes and you must have seen one or other type of louvre doors in a spa or salon you have previously visited.

Types of Louvre Doors 

There are several types of Louvre doors. Each type of louvre door design is a perfect fit for different rooms and atmospheres. Here are some types of Louvre doors that will help you pick your favourite.

  • Wooden Louvre Doors
  • Louvred Sliding Doors
  • Folding Louvered Door
  • UPVC Louvered Door
  • Louvre Doors Ikea
  • Glass Louvre Doors
  • Pine Louvre Doors
  • Metal Louver Doors
  • Plastic Louvered Doors
  • Oak Louver Door Design
  • Louvred Pocket Door

Why Choose Louvre Doors? 

Why Choose Louvre Doors? 


Besides having a modern finished look, Louvre doors are gaining popularity because of many other reasons as well. Below are some features of louvre doors which makes them special and a great option to choose from:

  • Low Cost: 

Louvre doors give your house a modern finish at the most economical rates. Although this type of door is getting very popular and in trend, but the cost of getting these doors is still very low.

  • Ventilation: 

Louvre doors allow a natural flow of air through the gaps in the horizontal panels. This feature of the louvre doors serves as a ventilation method and is recommended for areas that require better ventilation and airflow.

  • Various Sizes And Designs: 

Louvre doors are available in various sizes and designs which are completely customizable according to the preference of the house owner. You can choose from wooden doors, metal doors, glass panels and many others.

  • Multi-purpose: 

Louvre doors can be used in various parts of the house. Each space in which these doors can be used serves with a different purpose. Louvre doors are used for providing proper natural air and light flow to every part of the house.


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