A doftig.se can lift your mood and relax you when you return home tired after a hard day’s work. Here’s what a humble scented candle can do for you. 

Scented candles are more than just a pretty decoration for your living room. A wide variety of scented candles are available on the market today, offering a variety of benefits. A scented candle, for instance, can change your mood dramatically based on the scent. Depending on the smell, your brain reacts chemically, causing mental and physical effects. As well as helping you with insomnia, muscle pain, and stress, it can also aid in the treatment of other health problems.


A scented candle can relieve stress. Our sense of smell plays an essential role in our daily lives, even when we are not aware of it. 

Pleasant fragrances reduce stress by affecting our happy hormones and easing anxiety. The fresh and zesty notes of citrus scents will help calm nervous tension. Make sure you include some scented candles in your self-care routine. People who smelled citrus smells like oranges or lemons reported lower anxiety levels, according to extensive research.


A scented candle can help you feel refreshed and revitalised as it adds calming properties to the atmosphere. You will be able to forget negative thoughts and emotions by engaging in a mindful breathing routine. Positive energy will fill the air and you will feel energised. 

If your self-confidence is waning, light a scented candle with notes of Gardenia, Hyacinth, Rose, and Myrrh.


There are brain-boosting properties to scented candles. Aromas like cinnamon, almond, and peppermint can stimulate your brain and increase concentration. You will be more productive and focused if you add scented candles to your workspace or office. 

Studies show that scented candles with notes of jasmine, rose, peppermint, and ylang-ylang reduce certain alpha and beta brain activity, resulting in an “awakening” experience.


Bad lifestyle habits and the hustle-bustle of everyday life can adversely affect our sleep. 

As a result, many people have trouble sleeping these days, making them night owls. You will feel calm and relaxed after lighting a scented candle such as lavender. 

The benefits of lavender essential oil for a peaceful sleep are well known. In addition to helping alleviate insomnia symptoms, lavender-scented candles can also have the same effect.


A moody atmosphere can be created by candles in any space. Additionally, scented candles can add ambiance to your room if you want to take things up a notch. You will feel different in space after experiencing it. 

Next time you want to meditate, take a bath or enjoy a romantic dinner with a loved one, light up a scented candle.


The versatility of scented candles cannot be overstated. These candles are available in a variety of scents and styles, ranging from subtle colours to different materials like marble or crystal.

Put a candle in your bathroom for a spa-like atmosphere or in your living room for a warm, cosy atmosphere. 

The placement of scented candles in your kitchen not only enhances the ambience, but also kills odours. Scent candles add a special touch to your patio or deck. In any space that needs some lighthearted fun, they’re the perfect way to create a whimsical escape.


We all have a strong sense of smell. Memory is often associated with it. There are many scents and fragrances that people associate with certain moments and events in their lives.

The limbic system in the brain is stimulated by scents, which is well-established scientifically. 

There is an inexplicable connection between scents, feelings, and memories, according to The Harvard Gazette. Christmas Eve may be recalled when you smell the fir scents. 

Additionally, scented candles can bring back memories of special people and help you remember them.

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