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Ideas are everywhere & everyone has a brilliant idea which they want others to know about. Hence, Home Creatives is giving the chance to users by considering their guest posts ready to be featured on our website. Our website works solely on home-related niches which include categories of home décor, home improvement, roofing, & celebrity houses.

If you like to write & have respectable writing skills then you are most welcome to submit a guest post on our website.

Our Strict Home Improvement Write for Us Guidelines

Home Improvement Write for Us

It is extremely important to respect the guidelines set by our team for guest posts. Make sure that your articles lie under the range of these guidelines & recommendations.

  • Be aware that only posts related to home improvement, home decor, roofing & housing ideas will be considered. All other posts will be considered irrelevant & will be rejected straightaway.
  • We will not publish articles that are purely promotional or third party.
  • Your articles & blogposts must be between 700 & 1500 words. 
  • If you wish to add pictures relating to your article, make sure they are non-copyrighted & royalty-free images. You may use websites such as pexels.com, pixabay.com, etc. for copyright-free images.
  • You may add hyperlinks to websites such as Forbes, Statista, etc.
  • Resource links should also be added for any content you use for supporting your articles.
  • If your write plagiarized content, it will be rejected immediately as we only allow original ideas. Don’t try to use paraphrasing tools as it still counts as plagiarized content.
  • Maximum 2 external Links were allowed in a post.

Recommendations for Writing a Home Improvement Guest Post

We are genuinely concerned about the posts you send us. Hence, below are some recommendations you can use to make your articles stand out from others. These will increase the chances of approval for your content.

  • Be sure to do the proper formation of the sentences & use correct punctuation when writing a post.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely significant for any content which is available on the internet. Try to write SEO-optimized content which will make sure that your post ranks above others.
  • Write catchy headlines & phrases to grab the reader’s attention so that the reader stays engaged with the content for the longest timeframe.

Categories to Write For

Below is the wide range of topics on which you can write your articles & blog posts. Remember that your approved post will remain on the homepage for a limited time until new posts are published.

  • Home Improvement Ideas
  • Home Interiors
  • Home Exteriors
  • Commercial Design Ideas
  • Bathroom Designs
  • Product design (Table, Chair, Sofa, Cabinets, Wall)
  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Residential design ideas
  • Bedroom Design Ideas
  • Outdoor
  • Real Estate
  • DIY
  • Furniture
  • Architecture
  • Home Security
  • Moving Services
  • Gardening

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Feel free to ask any queries related to writing a guest post for us by emailing us at info@homecreatives.net. We wish you good luck & hope that your article gets featured in Home Creatives!

Last Updated: 22nd November 2023