We make decisions every day based bigwigpainting.com.au on these types of Vastu paintings. A frame on a wall is almost impossible to ignore, as we’ve mentioned before. Thus, Vastu paintings that depict simple symbols, alluring images, or simple art usually give people a feeling of coolness.

It is these kinds of paintings that actually inspire people to create more and more as they go along. These artworks affect our desires intensely, and help us develop our ideologies, according to Vastu for homes.

People benefit miraculously from symbols such as Vastu arts. Hanging angelic symbols in business spaces, for instance, channels good energy to those who live or work there. Additionally, Vastu dictates that the bedroom should have symbolic pictures. According to our experts, it strengthens relationships and facilitates connection healing.

Furthermore, Vastu-compliant art or symbolic paintings in the study room encourage children’s creativity. Their learning rate and grasp of things are better than those who do not have access to art at home.

Additionally, such symbolic art soothes the mind from a professional perspective. As a result, having a collection of good, symbolic paintings (not the ones that may confuse you) actually promotes healing and peace in a room.

  • Decorate your bedroom with paintings

You can incorporate a number of Vastu painting suggestions into your bedroom. All of these paintings and canvases should have one goal in mind – to attract loving energy. Vastu recommends drawing couples or simple and non-confusing arts for the bedroom. Pairings of paintings always bring marital bliss to couples. Having such works improves relationships and helps couples understand one another more easily, whether they are artwork, pictorials, or symbols.

Paintings must have a bright personality and not be dull. Thus, some suggestion for bedroom canvas is Banksy print canvas including dancing couples, couples holding hands, artwork depicting the union of a man and a woman, etc. Bamboo paintings can also be used to attract better professional growth.

On the other hand, if your relationship is in its infancy, you should avoid paintings depicting lonely, sad, or both people if you are planning to build a new connection with your partner. The vitality and harmony between rivers, waterfalls, streams, or any flowing passage must also be avoided in paintings.

  • The painting of commercial buildings

According to Vastu Shastra, innovative artworks for offices are productive. A playful and work-specific atmosphere is created by paintings with inspirational quotes, curious artwork, and creative sculptures. Employees are motivated and encouraged by all such things, which in turn makes them more productive. Thus, Vastu Shastra paintings in office cabins, workstations, meetings, and reception areas increase productivity and increase work quality.

Vastu Shastra sculptures are usually constructivist in nature. It’s more like your gallery would help you make decisions that you might not be able to make on your own. Even though the expression sculptures may not look like this, they fool people into thinking about futurism in a great way.

Your subconscious mind would perceive the message from the Universe through Vastu paintings in your workplace or office. We feed our psyche and behaviour with positive vibes and optimism when we choose appropriate art for a professional space.

  • Paintings of Buddha

Hindus and Buddhists agree that Buddha paintings are the best way to attract peace in their lives and homes. According to Vastu, it also brings prosperity and wealth to the house. A Buddha painting in a home is believed to increase Chi flow. Therefore, attracting luck and fortune. As a result, it ensures a strong inflow of optimism in the house and among its residents. Good times and opportunities are abundantly attracted by Buddha paintings in workplaces, as well. As well as shielding against negativities and sorrows, the Buddha paintings are also protective. Moreover, it promotes a relaxed mindset so that problems can be understood and handled effectively.

  • Paintings of garudas (phoenixes)

Hindu mythology attributes great power to Lord Garuda. A ride for Lord Vishnu is known as the Vishnu ride. Having a Garuda painting in your home attracts a reputation according to Vastu Shastra. People believe that having a Garuda or phoenix painting removes fears and negative blocks from their minds. There is also a belief that wherever there is a Garuda, there is also Lord Vishnu. Symbolising strength, bravery, and freedom, the majestic animal represents strength, foresight, and farsightedness. When you decide and be firm on something, you can demonstrate to the world your strength and capabilities. It is considered auspicious to have a Gurda painting in your home if you wish to succeed in business and gain professional recognition.


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