Barn doors have become a very popular design solution today. Owners of houses and apartments more and more often give preference to such interior doors. Double barn wood doors help to create a unique interior and make your home exclusive. However, are barn doors suitable for bathrooms and other rooms? Many modern offices use barn-style sliding systems. The nuances of using such a solution, the advantages, and possible disadvantages should be studied before installing doors.

Do barn doors have enough privacy?

Many people think barn doors for bathroom privacy are unsuitable because of insufficient noise insulation and lack of a lock. It is indeed true there are sometimes gaps after the installation of the leaf. Through them, it is possible to spy on the person in the bathroom. In addition, the lack of a standard lock causes resentment among many because few people will like it if someone breaks into the bathroom at the most inopportune moment. However, there are solutions to close out all of the previous complaints. 

In order not to leave the possibility of peeking, it is worth choosing a leaf much wider than the opening in the wall. This way, it will not be possible to see anything happening in the room while bathing or using the toilet. Visually, this will not affect the appearance of the barn-style system. And as for the lock on the door, there are solutions too. Yes, the usual standard lock will not help, but the demand for such doors prompted the market to have special locks for barn doors used in the interior. Thus, barn doors are private enough for a bathroom, and you can enjoy the privacy.

Advantages and disadvantages of using barn doors for bathroom

Specialists and consumers speak both for and against barn systems in the interior. Each of them gives their arguments and arguments, naming the advantages and disadvantages of such a system. The most popular ones are as follows.

Advantages and disadvantages of using barn doors for bathroom


There are advantages of such doors, and despite everything, their popularity is growing every day:

  1. The first and most potent argument for using bathroom barn doors is the economy of space. When every square meter counts, the sliding system is the best option. And the loft style will only accentuate your individuality. In addition, swing doors require enough space to open and close them, and the sliding mechanism of the barn system allows you to save space for a dresser or laundry basket.
  2. Many customers love the simplicity and reliability of sliding barn design. It can be installed even by yourself, without the help of a specialist. That means you can save money on installation.
  3. The atmosphere created by barn doors is cozy and fashionable at the same time. In addition, the buyer can show his design desires in its design.
  4. A variety of materials can be chosen as the door leaf. It can be a classic door leaf and variants using glass or metal. It is even possible to apply pictures to such sliding systems.
  5. Safety. This system is safer compared to swing doors. The possibility of hitting a passing person is zero. It is especially important when small children live in the apartment.

Barn doors are a modern and sought-after design solution that is gaining momentum. They suit this role if you want to add a twist to your interior.


The disadvantages of barn doors for a bathroom are rather features because they are not critical. So, the disadvantages of such designs are:

  1. Lack of a lock. As written earlier, this is a solvable problem. By installing a special lock or guide on the floor, you are not in danger of violating your space while in the bathroom.
  2. Noise isolation. Indeed, it is impossible to improve this point to absolute noise insulation, but the usual interior doors do not always cope with this task one hundred percent. 
  3. Unpleasant smells from the bathroom can also come through gaps between the wall and the door. However, you can find a solution here, too, by using fragrances.

Barn doors have their peculiarities, which should be considered before buying and installing such a system. For example, United Porte always stipulates the nuances of the door to the buyer.

Is it possible to improve barn doors’ privacy?

If you really want to have barn doors in your apartment, but privacy issues still bother you, it is worth looking into improving the doors to the necessary parameters. Choose a lock, find out if the wall on which you want to install the system is strong enough, and other questions you are interested in, you should ask a consultant before making the purchase. For example, for better noise insulation, you should choose a solid wooden leaf through which the sounds will not come through so clearly. It is possible to install the door as close to the wall as possible to reduce the permeability of sounds and smells. 

Design ideas with barn wood doors

There is a misconception that barn doors are inconspicuous and simple and cannot fit into a beautiful, elegant interior. However, this is a big misconception. These door systems’ range of colors and materials is so vast that they will fit into every home and office.

Design ideas with barn wood doors

A barn door doesn’t have to be made entirely of wood. Glass and metal inserts look great in various designs. Frosted glass will make the bathroom look brighter but still maintain privacy. You can even mount a full-length mirror on such a door. Such a solution will especially appeal to representatives of the beautiful half. Barn doors are an excellent opportunity to show your creativity and make it unique.

Final words

There are pros and cons to every choice. It depends on your desires, so a barn door is no exception. It has weighty advantages over swing doors that will resonate with consumers. However, some disadvantages may stop some people from buying one. Indeed, suppose you want absolute noise insinuation, odor impenetrability, and locking yourself out of the bathroom with a few turns of the lock. In that case, a barn door is unlikely to meet your requirements. However, if the disadvantages are not critical, use such doors for your bathroom and enjoy their benefits.

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