When it comes to finding the perfect spot to rent, you can’t make any compromises. A house should be a source of comfort and peace for you, and picking the right one will give you that. However, scouting for an excelling rental may not be accessible, depending on where you reside. You will have to sweep through neighborhoods and walk down numerous streets before you can land on the one. 

Not only does this sound tedious, but also extremely time-consuming. Therefore, to help you out, here are some tricks you should apply. If you’re lucky, your new rental house may be your home for several years to come. To make this happen. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start your search online

The internet has made it easier to research, narrow down and pinpoint the information you’re looking for. It’s a good idea to begin looking at areas you’re considering to find a spot to rent. Perhaps you wish to move closer to work, into a safer part of town or want change. The internet is here to help you find your niche. 

Once satisfied with your location, start contacting realtors and look through online listings. Don’t hesitate to ask for tours. Companies like The Realty Medics have a list of options for you to choose from. You can browse through homes for rent and find the establishment that appeals to you. 

The second best thing about the internet is you can easily carry out transactions or book an appointment over the web. You’re one step closer to signing your new lease by entering your details in a simple form.

  • Check out social media

Property owners and renters constantly post online to find people and help them move in. Gone are the days when you had to rely on word of mouth to get anywhere. Now social media can help you with your research. Even if you’re looking and not planning to book any spot, an Instagram search can help. 

Social media allows you to get a glimpse of your new life. You get to see high-definition pictures, videos by the real estate agent describing the property, and even actual testimonials that discuss the neighborhood. This is useful for comparing prices and narrowing the aesthetics you want. 

  • Think of the living space

The exterior of your house may look good to you, but the interior may be a whole other situation. Think about how you plan on living in your new space. Do you need more space? Privacy or will a small unit be enough for you. If you have pets, you will need a pet friendly apartment in Vancouver that accommodates animals. If you work through the night, you wouldn’t want noisy neighbors. 

Since you will have space for your furniture, your decor, and gaps between each item so you can move, picture your new rental, think about the dimensions you’ll be comfortable paying for, and what facilities you may get. Some renting units allow apartments to have gyms and laundry rooms. If you’re looking for such resources, you need to think hard about how you plan on living.

  • Calculate the commute

When you’re already going to a hefty rent, the last thing you would want is to pay extravagantly on transport. If you use public vehicles like buses and trains to get around town, the fare is calculated by the distance you travel to your destination. Far-off spaces are not feasible, and you pay more for commuting than you rent. 

This is a bad plan. Similarly, take the cost of fuel into account. If your new place is two hours or an hour away from work. You’ll be burning copious fuel every day while dealing with traffic. This also wastes your entire day, leaving you exhausted when you get home. So think of it as the fastest way to burn out. 

  • Have a budget

You need to know the amount of money you can spend without living off paycheck to paycheck. You will need extra cash to pay for the deposit and advance rent when you sign a lease. If the overall cost is feasible, go for it. The area where you plan to live has a role in your rent. Downtown and the posh regions are luxurious, so you get charged accordingly. Moving away from the city is cheaper. 

Rent is not the only cost you will have to pay, but utilities, bills, and your lifestyle all demand money. If you can afford one and not the other, you better look elsewhere. You can easily live in your new space when you have a margin to pay every cent and still get leftover money. 

  • Look up the landlord

Your landlord should also get some scrutiny before you move in. This person will get your hard-earned money, so they must have a good reputation so you don’t regret renting from them. Landlords are also responsible for providing you with facilities such as access to maintenance, dealing with pests, and fumigating your place. 

If your landlord only appears around the time to collect rent and stays elusive even when you need them, consider not working with them. It would help to read online reviews by going on Landlord rating websites and gauging what previous tenants are saying. You’re in good hands if the overall picture is three to five stars. If the landlord is described as rude, go elsewhere. 

  • Think about roommates

When renting space, it’s not unusual to get roommates. This helps in dividing the cost and bringing down the total fare. You must be very clear about the kind of roommate you want. Even if you have rooms, you’ll share common spaces with them, so harmony in the house is a must. 

The only factor you should worry about in terms of payment is ensuring your leases are separate. This allows you to pay a small amount divided between you and your roommate. If you get a joint lease, you’ll have to pay an exuberant amount if your roommate cannot make the deadline. The entire payment falls on you. In no way is this ideal. 


Renting a property is a process. You have to search, lockdown, and investigate before renting any space. This involves going online, checking social media, and even gauging how far you’ll become from accessing the city. 

Consider your budget when you’re looking for the best place to rent. Failure to pay rent on time only leads to eviction. Don’t forget to research your landlord to understand whom you’ll be working with. Finally, if you plan on splitting the cost, get started on the roommate hunt.

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