With so much modern machinery on your premises, you would inevitably want to isolate the noise they make to specific areas. In other cases, you may have sound-sensitive areas such as music production rooms or hospital facilities. In both cases, you’ll need to have a special treatment done to the room to get the soundproofing you need.   

Today, we shall explore a piece of equipment that almost any sound-treated rooms have — the soundproof access panel. What exactly are these, and how can I benefit from installing them?   

Overview of Soundproof Access Panels   

For a bit of context, let’s review the features you’d typically see on soundproof access panels. First, the main benefit is that these access panels have a high STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating. The higher the STC rating of a particular product is, the better it can prevent sound transmission from going to another area.   

Most soundproof access panels have a sound rating above 45. Even loud speech will sound faint when you combine them with the proper sound-treated walls and attach the access panel to the manufacturer’s specifications.  

Density is one of the keys you need to absorb sound transmission. So, these soundproof access panels typically have thicker gauge steel allowing these access panels to absorb sound adequately. Additionally, the doors generally are insulated and have gaskets between the door and frame that seals off any air gaps to make it better at isolating noise to a specific area.   

Benefits of Soundproof Access Panels  

#1 – Tranquility and Privacy  

Places such as theaters, hotel function rooms, and bars can produce much noise that you want to keep contained. For your acoustic treatment to be effective, it’s vital to ensure that sounds don’t leak into wall cavities or the areas next to you. You may also contact noise assessment consultants like Environoise regarding this as they are expertise in these cases.

In addition, if you’re discussing sensitive business information in your company boardroom, you wouldn’t want anyone listening in to the conversation from the next room over. With soundproof access panels, you can rely on sturdy materials, insulation, and gaskets to keep noise leakage to a minimum.  

#2 – Prevent Health Issues  

Hospitals commonly experience loud noises due to the amount of medical equipment and people packed into a single area. In some cases, it’s typical for intensive care facilities to have noise levels of around 100 dB.

It’s unsafe to expose yourself to such loud sounds for an extended time, and you won’t be able to have a restful sleep. Reducing the amount of noise by installing equipment such as sound-rated access panels ensures you’re more likely to get the proper restful sleep when you need it the most.  

#3 – Increasing Productivity  

Loud noises disrupt productivity and affect your mood when focusing on your work. These can be environmental sounds, such as traffic from outside your business, construction work, or public events. Moreover, you may work in a radio broadcasting room or a recording studio.

You need to limit outside interference as best you can to get the best possible output for your music and the best transmissions from your equipment; then getting soundproof access panels may just be the solution you need.   

#4 – Better Energy Efficiency  

While surprising to hear, soundproof access panels can reduce your cooling/heating costs. Because these access panels have good insulation and gaskets installed, the ventilation you need in one area won’t leak into areas that don’t need it.

This feature ensures drafts don’t form either, and you get the most comfortable working environment possible.   

Wrapping Up  

Soundproofing your building can be a difficult task. If you want to block out all the noise, you’ll need to use a combination of soundproofing materials, techniques, and tricks.

The benefits these access panels give might seem simple, but they give you profound results. You may find that they’re perfect for turning your workspace into the ideal productivity zone. 


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