Throughout the 1990s, Eminem rose from poverty to superstardom, and as his career progressed, so did the value of his mansions, which are now estimated to be worth millions of dollars. Marshall Mathers, an artist, has lived on this property for more than 20 years, and it is referred to as the “primary mansion.” Most of his children are now adults, and Mathers resides there with his family. 

The brown-bricked Eminem house was purchased by Velvet Ropes in the year 2000, at the height of the rapper’s career, for the price of $1.48 million. Velvet Ropes described the home as having 8,900 square feet. Due to the fact that it was purchased so many years ago, Eminem’s present home is extremely private and has not been captured in very many images.  

It also has a little digital footprint. We are serendipitous enough to be able to have a look inside the superstar rapper’s former mansion, thanks to the fact that it has recently been put up for sale and can now be viewed by the public. 

Where Does Eminem Live? Who Exactly Is He? 

Since the release of his debut album, Slim Shady EP, in 1997, Eminem, also known as Marshall Bruce Mathers, has been recognized as a household name. This record caused a sensation in the hip-hop community. Even though he has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and has an Oscar, 15 Grammy Awards, and millions of records sold to his credit, he shows no signs of slowing down, not even when it comes to the real estate market. Although Eminem has sold one of his houses in Michigan, we are still interested in knowing where he currently resides. 

The “Slim Shady” rapper paid $4.8 million for a home in Rochester Hills in 2003, but he eventually sold this property for a big reduction, and he listed the little-used and over-the-top estate for a little under $2 million in 2017. The price of this 17,500-square-foot mansion, which was recently relisted on the market, was recently reduced to $1.9 million, following in the footsteps of these celebrities who sold their homes for a significant amount less than they paid for them. 

What Does the Eminem House Look Like? 

eminem house


According to reports, the lavish property features a “two-story, 1,500-square-foot entertainment area” as well as “rare-wood paneling.” The listing on Zillow gives us the ability to view other amenities, such as the informal tennis court on the side of the property near an appealing pergola or pavilion and the circular road that leads to the grand entry.  

The pool house and clubhouse are all absolutely remarkable amenities, and homeowners can relax in the spa while also taking advantage of the verdant, wooded setting that surrounds the community. The home was constructed in 1994 and lay on 5.69 acres of land. It also features five garage spaces. 

Is the Eminem house Spacious? 

The Eminem house is reported to include a total of three full bathrooms, six full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms. Reportedly, each bedroom in the house has its own unique “theme,” and the entire residence is outfitted with “state-of-the-art electronics, audio, visual, and lighting systems.” Also, the neighborhood that the home is located in is a gated community that features security. 

Also, how can we forget to mention the butler’s pantry, the elevator that goes up three floors, or the waterfall that connects the hot tub and the pool? By taking a closer look at the bedroom suites, it becomes clear that the bathrooms on their own might function as a fully-fledged urban apartment of a comfortable size. But which of these artifacts date back to Eminem house, and which come from the most recent occupant? 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Where Does Eminem Live? 

He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1972, although he spent his formative years in Detroit, Michigan. He has spent a major portion of his career living there. Clinton Township, Michigan, is home to Eminem’s residence. The 8,900-square-foot house was constructed in 1996, but Eminem bought it for $1,483,500 in September 2000. 

How Many Properties Does Eminem Own? 

Despite owning two properties, Eminem recently sold one of them. Eminem lived in a residence in Clinton for a major portion of his life, although he has had a residence in Rochester Hills for about 14 years. 


Rapper Eminem of Detroit purchased the 17,500-square-foot mansion, which is now back on the market in Oakland Township for $3.75 million. Over six acres of land make up the estate, which also features a tennis and basketball court, a hot tub, a pool with a stone cascade, a pond with fountains, a cabana, and a guest house. Stoney Creek Metropark is behind it. 


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