With the summer approaching, you’re probably exploring methods to combat the blistering heat. Owing to the inevitably rising temperatures throughout the summer, air conditioners have become a must-have to prepare for the season. Whether your house has a notorious hotspot room or you don’t have the privilege of a centralized HAVC system, you’ve presumably contemplated adding a window air conditioning unit. This lightweight unit is efficient, robust, and versatile in cooling nearly any room size. Moreover, today’s units are more energy-efficient than previous ones and are very feasible to install. 

While these air conditioners are a good alternative for a conventional, low-cost way to cool down your space, acquainting yourself with the procedure before you commence installing is worthwhile. Alternatively, you can consult the best air conditioning company in Sacramento that promises quality installation to avoid taking all the hassle. Below we have enlisted the guide if you plan to install it yourself.

Preps Before Installing a Window AC Unit

  • Cleaning and Inspecting the Window:

Examine the window frame for decay or other deterioration while ensuring your window is in pristine condition. Also, clean your window appropriately and prioritize the essential repairs to avoid issues after installation.

  • Remove Impediments Surrounding the Window:

Eliminate any decorative items or plants from your window sill. Ascertain to clear the area to avert hindrances and also remove the storm window frame if you have installed it.

  • Examine the Circuit Load:

Foremost, evaluate the load on the circuit you intend to utilize for your window air conditioner. Consider adding a separate circuit to power your window AC if multiple devices are connected to the same circuit. Doing so may prevent the issues like tripped breakers or blown fuses.

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A Step-by-step Guide on Installing a Window Ac Unit

  • Mark the Window’s Center and Install the Weatherstrip:

First, pull your window’s lowest sash down and then take the window’s measurements to indicate the center. The prime purpose for determining the center ascertains that the side panels reach your window’s each side precisely to avoid the installed device being lopsided and asymmetrical. Subsequently, install a weatherstrip offered by your manufacturer to preclude intake air while safeguarding your window from breakages when installing or uninstalling your window AC unit. 

  • Connect the Window Air Conditioner’s Side Panel:

Slip the side panels over your AC and screw them in place. Ascertain to tighten the screws while covering openings to prohibit warm air and pollution from entering. 

  • Mount Your Ac in the Window:

Now, position your unit safely in the window with the help of assistance. After closing the window, ensure the bottom window sash is precisely aligned with the AC.

  • Connect the L-brackets and Secure the Sash:

Fasten the window sash appropriately by inserting two screws into the window sash via the upper AC casing to stop it from being mistakenly raised. Now, drill pilot holes for screws entering your window panes to avoid the wood breaking. To secure the AC, consider installing L-brackets outside using screws, preventing the bottom sash from accidental opening. After this, you may need to install the side panels that came with the AC to the window sash track and screw them in place. 

  • Cover the Gaps:

Fill the openings using foam insulation between the window’s upper and lower sashes. It would be a plus if your AC came with a foam strip; otherwise, you may need to purchase it separately. You just have to cut it and use it to cover the gap. After accomplishing the preceding steps, plug your AC in to experience a soothing ambiance.


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