Videographer Roman Atwood is well-known for the entertaining vlogs about his life that he posts on his channel. In addition, he has more than 15 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views on his channel. The guy has a strong interest in prankster videos and dangerous stunts. 

In addition to this, he is married to Brittney Smith, who appears alongside him in a great deal of the movies that he produces. Throughout his lifetime, he has called a number of different locations home. Whatsoever, we will investigate the previous residence he owned in Ohio in this detailed writing.  

Where in the world does Roman Atwood originate? How much does Roman Atwood have in his bank account? Let us answer all your queries regarding Roman Atwood house and much more below! 

Where Is Roman Atwood’s House Located? Who Exactly Is He? 

Performer of Practical Jokes on YouTube and a Social Media Personality Roman Atwood’s contact information, which is included in his wiki, biography, and family tree, as well as his social media accounts, email address, and other information, has not yet been widely revealed to the common public. 

Roman Atwood is one of the most well-known and popular YouTubers, best known for his practical jokes and pranks. He started his own channel on YouTube to post creative pranks based on hidden cameras in order to show subscribers public responses and interactions with other people. 

After publicly disclosing the horrifying details of their stalkers a little more than a month ago, Roman Atwood and his wife, Brittney Atwood, are now starting over with their four children in a brand-new house that is significantly larger than their previous one. Fans of the long-time YouTuber were left wondering what had happened to them for the better part of the year 2020 because the channel was inaccessible during that period. 

Roman Atwood House: All One Needs To Learn About It! 

Thornville, Ohio, was Roman Atwood’s home throughout his life. In addition, this region is considered a neighborhood of Columbus, which is located in Ohio. It is just to the east and about an hour’s drive from the downtown area of Columbus. 

In addition to having more than 3,000 square feet of space, Roman Atwood house also has three bedrooms and two restrooms. Moreover, the house features a sizable kitchen, lofty ceilings, and a substantial amount of land for gardening and other outdoor activities. It would appear that the property also comes with its very own pond, complete with a pier and a boathouse.  

It is, without a doubt, the ideal location for a practical prankster to make their home. In addition, there is a huge amount of space available in this house to accommodate a large number of people. Also, each of the guestrooms offers a generous amount of space. So, what are your thoughts on this magnificent mansion? 

Roman Atwood House: How Did He Choose To Reveal It? 

where is roman atwood's house located


Those who have been following Roman’s YouTube account ever since he launched it in 2013 have witnessed him relocate several times as the size of his family has increased. In the video titled “Welcome To Our New House,” which was uploaded on February 27, the 37-year-old disclosed that he and his family had recently moved into a new residence. 

Roman gave viewers a tour of his new abode after first treating them to a video compilation of wacky antics from his previous abodes. The person who created the content, along with members of his family, began by firing confetti cannons from the top of the entrance that featured two staircases. After that, Roman showed the camera around his luxury kitchen as well as his walk-in pantry, and then he teased the audience by saying that they would have to wait to see more. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Where is Roman Atwood’s House Located? 

It is no longer hidden from the fans that Roman Atwood belongs to Millersport, Ohio, and this is the same place where his residence is situated.  

What Is the Net Worth of Roman Atwood? 

At the present moment, Roman Atwood possesses a net worth of USD 12 million approximately.  

The Bottom Line  

Miller Recreation, Ohio, is the birthplace of Roman Atwood. He has earned the status of “Verified” on his YouTube channel recently. He has two popular YouTube channels, one for stunts and one for vlogs. He records practical jokes on concealed cameras and posts them to his “RomanAtwood” channel.  

Over eleven million people are currently following his program. In addition, under the username “RomanAtwoodvlogs” on YouTube, he posts “vlogs” about his everyday activities. Fortunately, his vlog account has 16 million followers. Thornville, Ohio, was home to Roman Atwood. This is a neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. The tricky part is that It’s a quick hour-long drive east from Columbus’s center!


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