If you’re thinking about buying a robot lawn mower but aren’t sure it’s the right choice for you, there are a few things that can help you decide. Naturally, these devices have both advantages and disadvantages, but there are also other things you need to know, such as how they work, how long they last, how you can extend their lifespan and what to look for when purchasing one. All of these are discussed in detail below. 

What is a robot lawn mower?

A robot lawnmower is an autonomous robot that cuts your lawn’s grass for you. Most robot mowers require a border wire around your lawn’s perimeter to locate the boundary of the area that they have to mow. Such lawn mowers are capable of maintaining lawns of up to 30,000 square metres.

Technological advancements have made modern robot lawn mowers incredibly sophisticated, some coming with features like self-docking, rain sensors and self-charging. Most of them don’t need human interaction at all.

How do robot lawn mowers work?

Robot mowers use a simple mapping system to operate. This means they require you to set a boundary wire around the edges of our lawn. You can also cover any obstacles located in that area so the lawn mower can avoid them.

However, there are also more advanced robotic lawn mowers with a 360-degree laser or radar sensors that help them spot obstacles and hazards in their way without the need for a boundary wire. 

However, some more advanced models can operate without a boundary wire and require almost no installation effort. You’ll probably have to adjust some minor aspects of your lawn, such as children’s toys and garden tools, so that the mower can drive safely. 

Even though these robots are pretty large, they’re practically harmless to humans and animals because of the collision sensor in their front bumper, which makes them turn away when something’s in their way. Besides that, the risk of accidents for families with children and pets usually isn’t a problem if you let the mower operate early in the morning or another time when you know your lawn will be unoccupied.

Once the mower has done its job for the day, it returns to its docking or charging station.

Are robot lawn mowers worth the cost?

The answer to this question isn’t a simple “yes” or “no”. If you have a small lawn, a robot lawn mower won’t be of much worth to you because it’ll take years to have a return on your investment. However, if your lawn is quite large, a high-quality robot lawn mower will definitely benefit you. Even though it might be an expensive investment, you’ll save a lot by not having to hire a professional garden maintenance service to mow your lawn every week. Even if you’re a person who likes to do that job on their own, a robot lawn mower will still save you time and effort. After all, more complex yards require more expensive equipment. 

There are a few other advantages of robot lawn mowers, which include:

  • No lawn waste thanks to the robotic lawn mower’s mulching system;
  • Clean cutting pattern;
  • Healthier lawn when the robot lawn mower is frequently used; 
  • Fewer local emissions in comparison to regular gas-powered lawn mowers; 
  • A practical solution for grass pollen allergies and disabled people; 
  • Mowed lawn even when you’re away.

In addition, robotic lawn mowers also appear more environmentally friendly because you can save a good amount of fertiliser that is typically necessary to keep a lawn healthy. This can be estimated to be about 30% of fertilised annually and sometimes even more. 

Besides that, there are also a few disadvantages to robot lawn mowers. They require a higher level of maintenance and more complex installation compared to regular ones. 

How long do robot lawn mowers last? 

If you invest in a quality robot lawn mower from a reputable brand, it’ll normally last around 10 years. However, this will depend on other factors as well. For example, if you maintain it properly and use it to cut only short grass, it’ll be able to last longer.

What type of grass do robot lawn mowers cut?

Robotic lawn mowers aren’t designed for going through tall grass. Instead, their primary function is to simply keep your lawn’s grass short by being used regularly on shorter patches. If you don’t use your robotic mower regularly and let your lawn grass grow tall, you’ll need to use a weed wacker to trim it before using the robot. 

What is the routine maintenance for robot lawn mowers?

To keep your robot lawn mower in good condition, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance on it. Some of the things will need to be done regularly, while others can be done once every few months. 


Firstly, you’ll need to clean your robotic mower at least once or twice weekly. The more often you do it, the better. Cleaning includes removing the build-up of grass clippings stuck to its moving parts, such as the cutting mechanism and wheels.


Keep the charging station for your robotic lawn mower in a shady and slightly elevated location, where it’ll be protected from direct sunlight and rain.

Always charge it fully before you put the mower away for winter storage. This can significantly increase its lifespan. Besides that, make sure to prepare your device before putting it in storage. Bring the charging station inside and disconnect its power supply.

Don’t forget to replace the lawn mower’s battery once every 2 to 4 years. An indication that it’s time to do that is when you notice it isn’t working as efficiently as it used to or it has completely stopped working.

Checking the Blades

When it comes to the blades, they should only be replaced once they’ve become too dull. You can check their condition by turning off the robotic lawn mower and inspecting them. 

In total, the robotic lawn mower’s maintenance should take you between 10 working hours the first year you buy it and 4 working hours per year afterwards. This is much less compared to traditional lawn mowers, which typically require up to 48 working hours of maintenance per year. The time a robotic lawn mower saves is significant, especially in the long run when there’s no need for installation. 

What are some essential features to consider when buying a robotic lawn mower?

When looking for a robot lawn mower, look for the following features:

  • App control. Smart robot lawn mowers can be controlled via Wi-Fi connection through apps which typically allow you to start the device, change its mowing schedule and manually navigate it.
  • Edging function. There are robotic lawn mowers that come equipped with an edge-cutting function. Unlike regular models, which usually leave a trail at the edge of the lawn, these devices can have their blades extend beyond the wheelbase, mowing the edges along the wire borders without leaving grass behind.
  • Easily replaceable parts. The best robot mowers are the ones with parts that can be replaced easily. 


When wondering whether you should buy a robotic lawn mower, consider what makes you want to buy one and what prevents you from doing it. Once you’re familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, it should be a lot easier for you to make a decision.


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