When you become a homeowner, one of the most exciting aspects is the ability to make changes that suit your personal style. Whether you move into a house and just want to change up some decor or you plan to overhaul entire rooms to fit a theme, customizing the home can be a lot of fun, especially for those who love handiwork. 

Part of the challenge of upgrading a home’s design elements is deciding on a theme. You don’t want to make unplanned changes, as it could result in a mish-mash of styles that clash and make your home seem chaotic. It is far more effective to have a grand theme established which will help you target your upgrades toward that vision.

One of the most popular trends for home design is the contemporary style. This style of home design embraces simplicity and minimalism. There is very little clutter and each item is in its place for a reason. Common colors of the contemporary style include beige, white, and gray. If you want to turn your home into a contemporary space, here are some ideas for changes that can be made.

A Kitchen With High Contrast

Contrast is a crucial element of the contemporary style. There is very little blending of adjacent elements. The kitchen is one space where you can adopt this style and create a look that appeals to many. One potential design concept could be white marble countertops and dark gray cabinetry.

This creates sharp lines in the kitchen that distinguish between elements in an aesthetically pleasing way. Wood flooring can bring that organic color to soften the harshness of the colors, or you can add some natural greenery to achieve a similar effect. With high-contrasting colors in your kitchen, you will be well on your way to designing a contemporary home.

A sleek and modern dining table can serve as the centerpiece of your high-contrast kitchen, complementing the sharp lines and adding functionality for family meals and entertaining.

Window Dressings

Windows are the portal to the outdoors, and the contemporary style embraces this union of the indoors and the outside. Just as important as the style of windows is how they are adorned. Again, high contrast is typical of this style, so choosing colors that stand out from the light-colored walls is a big component of the design trend.

While many contemporary homes lack drapes of any kind around the windows, something simple like ripplefold drapes can still blend with this aesthetic seamlessly. Natural lighting is another critical component of contemporary homes, so keep those drapes and curtains drawn open during the day to blend the inside and the outside spaces of your property.

Contemporary Bathrooms

One of the most popular rooms in a house to renovate is the bathroom. There is a lot to consider when upgrading a bathroom, and each element can be purposefully chosen to fit with a contemporary style. Some of the most popular trends for a contemporary bathroom include a free-standing tub, sharp geometric shapes for the flooring, neutral colors like grey and white, and minimalist fixtures. Elaborate designs are not a part of this style, so make sure your bathroom is simplistic with lots of straight lines and right angles to follow this trend. 

Lighting Styles

Lighting is an important piece of a home’s style, and this is especially true when designing a contemporary space. When you are making lighting choices for your home, just think of one word; geometric.

Whether it applies to lampstands, chandelier designs, or wall lights, you want to look for styles that include sharp lines and geometric shapes. You are unlikely to find very ornately designed fixtures in contemporary homes. Everything is very simplistic and minimalist, with a function for every shape and material. 

An Outdoor Living Space

Since the contemporary home embraces a blend with the outdoors, a living space that connects both aspects of the property is an ideal choice for fans of this style. A contemporary outdoor living space should follow similar styles to the interior elements, with neutral colors, minimalist furniture that is not curvy or bold in color, and natural flooring materials like wood.

Surrounding the outdoor living space with clean garden decorations will make the space more welcoming while still fitting within that style. Adding this space to your home is the perfect way to blend the outside with the inside.

Clean and Simple

The contemporary style may not be for everyone. People who want to lavish their homes with decorations and incredible design elements will probably not fall in love with this trend. However, for those who want to present a clean and simplistic atmosphere in their home, a contemporary design is perfect.

There is plenty of freedom within this style to make the elements suit your personality while still maintaining the contemporary atmosphere. Look up some ideas on Pinterest or find a home improvement blog site to find inspirations for your contemporary home. 


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