Virginia is mostly on the news for the link to the Commonwealth. But recently, the famous Hollywood actor who also was a former wrestling champion, Dwayne Johnson, has been talking about the state in which he owns the farm. 

According to the reports, the well-known actor owns a horse farm in Charlottesville, which is a small town in Virginia. Dwayne Johnson has been recorded on the news to mention that Virginia has been his home for several years now and he loves living in the state.  

But fans are not satisfied with just knowing the name of the state their favorite actor lives in and many fans are willing to know exactly where is the Rock’s Virginia Farm. Stay with us if you are also interested to know more details about Dwayne Johnson Virginia Farm. 

Dwayne Johnson 

Dwayne Johnson is a well-known American actor. He is also a former professional wrestler. In his time in the wrestling federation, he was famously known as ‘The Rock’. Dwayne Johnson wrestled for WWF, and then WWE, for eight years.  

After ending his career in the WWE, he embarked on a successful acting career in Hollywood. Some of the actor’s famous movies include Fast & Furious, Jumanji and The Mummy Returns. Apart from working as an actor, he has also produced and starred in the HBO series Ballers.  

He also starred in the sitcom Young Rock, which is autobiographical. Moreover, he released his autobiography, The Rock Says in 2000 which was widely read by the fans. Dwayne Johnson is also a co-founder of the production company Seven Bucks Productions. As well as being the co-owner of professional football league, XFL. 

His career in the wrestling federation and Hollywood has helped him earn a huge fortune due to which he has been able to buy several properties in the United States. Even though the actor owns multiple properties, Dwayne Johnson Virginia farm has been on his favorite list.  

Dwayne Johnson Virginia Farm 

Who does not like to live in the quiet of the small town away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Celebrities who are often followed by paparazzi and fans wherever they go, mostly prefer living in some secluded place where they can enjoy life to the fullest without the eye of the camera constantly watching them. 

The same thing is practiced by Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Even though the actor and former wrestler owns multiple properties across the US, he likes to spend his time in his horse farm in Virginia. 

Where is The Rock’s Virginia Farm? 

Dwayne Johnson Virginia Farm


Many fans of the famous former wrestler are curious to know where is the Rock’s Virginia farm. To answer this simply, the wrestler’s Virginia farm is in a small town of Charlottesville which is in Virginia. Although Virginia is not a popular location among celebrities, it is very well liked by Dwayne Johnson. He has, on several occasions called his Virginia Farm his home and his favorite place to spend his time. 

Details on Dwayne Johnson Virginia Farm 

Dwayne Johnson Virginia Farm is located in a small town called Charlottesville, Virginia, United States. The farm is basically a horse farm where the actor likes to spend his leisure time while tending to his animal friends – especially horses. 

The farm is spread on a large land which also includes a nearby river. Dwayne Johnson has posted on his social media accounts about catching fishes from the river. He often shares photos of his prized catches with his fans on his social media account. At one occasion, the actor shared pictures of a prized bass, one of many types of fish — including trout, carp and sunfish — he’s been raising on his property for years. The post on social media started like: 

“As you can see, she’s a good size,” Dwayne Johnson said to the camera as he showed off a prized catch. “Beautiful color on her as you can see,” he continued. “As you know I raise my bass here. They got a pretty good appetite this evening. Nice little mouth on her — just like her owner.” 

What Does Dwayne Johnson Say About His Virginia Farm? 

Dwayne Johnson has been seen talking about his Virginia farm on several occasions and interviews. He has always been open to how he feels about spending his time in the small town of Charlottesville.  Here are some things he shared through his Twitter account and said in interviews. 

“Yup, the great state of Virginia has quietly become my home for years now. And my horses here love when I step in the “gifts” they leave me daily. *correction.. almost step in their gifts” This particular Tweet was posted on Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter account on 7th February, 2019. 

Dwayne Johnson Virginia farm has been mentioned as his home in several posts on his social media throughout the years. One particular Tweet posted in 2017 along with a video, shared his experience while he encountered fans outside of a Charlottesville gym. 

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