A swimming pool cover is an essential accessory for adequately using a swimming pool.  Depending on the type, it can perform various functions: winterizing the pool, securing,  protecting the water, and maintaining the water temperature. Its main advantage is facilitating  swimming pool maintenance and saving on treatment products. 

Generally, a pool cover starts from $40 for entry-level models and can go up to $2,000 for the  most resistant models. Generally, the cost is estimated according to the type of tarp, quality,  thickness, and dimensions. 

What Are the Different Functions of a Pool Cover?

Pool covers are opaque and solid covers designed to be installed above the pool. Made of PVC  or polyethene, they are resistant and thick. Their installation uses robust fixing components  such as eyelets, tensioners, and bands.  

Depending on the season and the model, the possibilities for using a pool cover are vast. Such  as: 

  • To keep the swimming pool clean and retain dirt, waste, and dust. 
  • To avoid evaporation and the formation of algae by the phenomenon of photosynthesis. To secure the swimming pool by preventing people or pets from falling into the water.  Thus, it reduces the risk of drowning. 
  • Keep water at the correct temperature. 

What Are the Different Types of Pool Covers, and What Are  Their Prices? 

Electric Pool Cover 

The price of an electric pool cover varies according to the models, the materials used, the  choice of finishes, etc. Count, on average, between $8,000 and $15,000 to equip yourself with  an electric pool cover. 

Summer Cover 

The summer cover is the most recommended model for covering a swimming pool during the  busy season. It is characterized by bubbles operating in the same way as a suction cup. This is  why it is also called ” bubble cover. ” Used as an isothermal cover, its primary role is to heat the  pool water by a few degrees and prevent heat loss at night. 

A pool bubble cover is between $80 and $300, or around $5 per m². 

Safety Cover

The swimming pool safety cover is a safety device used as a barrier or a swimming pool shelter. Indeed, it aims to prevent the risk of falls or drowning of children and pets in the pool. The cover also ensures the protection of the water against the dirt as well as the maintenance of the  temperature. Very essential for inground pools, this type of cover requires the intervention of  professional pool designers for installation. 

Costs between $40 and $2,000. 

Winter Cover 

The winter cover is installed above the pool throughout the winter. It preserves the water in the  swimming pool, reduces the risk of freezing, and protects the components of the swimming pool from the cold. 

Prices for winter pool covers start from $80 but can go up to $400, depending on the size and  quality of the cover (around $€9/m²). 

Net Tarpaulin 

The swimming pool net cover has the characteristic of being non-opaque. Therefore, it is not  waterproof and cannot retain small dirt brought by the wind. It is generally used in the summer  to prevent large debris such as leaves, branches, plant debris, and insects from falling into the  pool water. 

Net covers are available for purchase from $15 to $80 or around $3 to $5/m², depending on the  fabric’s quality and size. 

Solar Cover 

The solar cover is only used in the high season, like the summer cover. Its role is to increase  the temperature of the water during the day and to keep it at night. This ensures faster  accessible bathing. This type of cover is also used to retain impurities of all kinds but can in no  way be used as a safety element.  

Its cost is estimated in the same range as models with nets: $20 to $80 or around $3 to $5 m². 

How Much Does a Pool Cover Cost Depending on the  Material of the Cover? 

The price of a swimming pool cover changes according to the material from which the pool  cover is made. HDPE (high-density polyethene) and PVC ( polyvinyl chloride) are the most  widely used materials.  

The HDPE tarpaulin has the quality to resist any external constraints. Thick and solid, it offers a  long lifespan of approximately 2 years. Light and waterproof, it is easy to handle and suitable for above-ground and in-ground pools. 

This type of cover offers excellent value for money. It generally costs between $40 and $400 or  $3 to $5 per m². 

The PVC swimming pool cover also has the advantage of being unalterable in the face of  climatic variations and aggressive products. Its lifespan is much higher since it can be used for  up to 10 years. Therefore, it requires a more significant investment than polyethene tarpaulin.  

The price of a PVC swimming pool cover per m² is estimated at around $70 to $800 for standard sizes. 

How to Choose a Pool Cover? 

Finding out about the price of a swimming pool cover is undoubtedly an essential step before  buying a particular model; however, to make the right choice, it is necessary to take the  following criteria into account: 

  • Shape and dimensions: classic pool covers can adapt to each form and size of the  swimming pool. In this case, the idea is to measure the pool to be covered and think  about adding the desired length for the flaps. These must be sufficient enough to allow  easy fixing. If the pool is of a particular shape, it is advisable to have a cover made to  measure. 
  • Strength and thickness: these two criteria go hand in hand when choosing a pool  cover. It all depends on the design material. The goal is to opt for a product that can  withstand all tests (sunlight, chlorine products, dirt, and stormy weather) and will last  over time. The use also determines the choice. Thus, the preferred material will not be  the same for a safety cover and a simple summer cover. 
  • Compliance with legal safety standards: if the cover will be used to secure the  swimming pool, it is essential to check whether it meets the requirements of standard NF 90-308. This rule provides users with information about safety covers and their hanging  devices. 
  • The finish: the presence of hems, reinforcements, and eyelets is particularly essential  for a good fixing of the cover around the pool. Some models work with fastening bands,  while others use tensioners. 

Cost of a Custom Pool Cover? 

To effectively cover a swimming pool with a less common shape, it is recommended by Steven  Brogan from honeysweethome.com to get a custom cover made. This makes it possible to have a perfectly adapted cover for the swimming pool. The owner will also ensure that the product will perform its functions perfectly, whether winterizing the pool, securing it, or maintaining the water temperature. 

However, the price of custom-made pool covers is challenging to estimate. It is calculated per  m² and is variable according to the following criteria: 

  • Raw materials
  • The complexity of the shape of the pool The finish and the fixing desired.


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