It’s likely that your home isn’t within the optimal 40–60% range of indoor humidity if it’s extremely dry or humid.You can fix that in several ways.

Extreme dryness or humidity in indoor spaces can cause discomfort and health issues, as well as compromise your house’s structural integrity. Life has a happy medium, as with most things. Humidity levels between 40 and 60% are ideal for comfortable home comfort.Maintaining a humidity level between 40 and 60% will help you live a healthier, cleaner, and more comfortable life.

How Does Low Indoor Humidity Affect Your Health?

Having a home with a low humidity level is when the humidity level falls below 40%. In regions that regularly experience freezing temperatures and snowfall, low indoor humidity is more common during winter. Insufficient humidity in the air can cause dry skin, lips, eyes, itchiness, and sore throats.

The level of humidity in a house can significantly affect the quality of life over time. Humidity decreases, causing wood materials like floorboards to warp or shrink, and wallpaper to peel. It is possible that the wallpaper will completely fall off if gaps form between the boards.

Additionally, low humidity can cause paint to chip, furniture and fabrics to dry out, static electricity to build up, an increase in dust levels throughout your home, and itchy skin and sore throats for everyone living there.

In a house, what is high humidity?

High humidity is when the level of humidity in the house exceeds 60%. In the summer, high indoor humidity levels are common, especially in regions like the South where outdoor humidity is high. Your family faces serious health risks when your home’s air is too humid. Overly humid spaces worsen respiratory symptoms. Humidity control is especially important for people with asthma and allergies.

A house with high humidity also has a terrible impact on its structural integrity. It produces condensation on windows, promotes mould growth, emits a foul or muggy odour, attracts insects, and makes the air feel sticky and moist.

How Do I Determine The Right Humidity Level For My Home?

Relative indoor humidity should be between 40 and 60%.

Research suggests that indoor spaces should have a 30–50% humidity level. Due to current research, that suggestion is largely considered outdated.Indoor humidity levels should be between 40 and 60%. Taking a look at the ideal indoor humidity chart below will help you understand how each atmosphere promotes comfort, health, and excellent air quality. Find out which conditions, symptoms, and organisms thrive at different levels of indoor humidity.

In addition to enabling viruses and bacteria to spread, unregulated indoor air can also exacerbate existing respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma, and increase your chances of contracting a cold or flu. In addition, living in an environment with too much humidity or too much dryness is uncomfortable.

How Do You Choose The Right Indoor Humidity?

A whole-home humidifier can help raise the humidity levels in your home. Air is moistened by a humidifier. Your home will thus be warmer and the dry winter season will be over.

Tips and tricks for increasing humidity include:

  • Lids are not necessary when cooking
  • Open the bathroom door when showering or bathing
  • Houseplants can be purchased

A whole-home dehumidifier can help lower humidity levels in your home. Excess moisture is removed from the air by this system.

To reduce humidity, try these other tips:

  • When cooking, use a range fan
  • Cool water should be used when showering or bathing
  • Shower or bathe in a ventilated bathroom
  • Plants should be removed from the house

The indoor humidity needs to be monitored and adjusted in order to maintain a comfortable and healthy home. Why should you choose a whole-home humidity control system? Using this device, you can adjust the humidity levels in your home automatically so they remain between 40–60%. It won’t be a problem! The perfect indoor humidity range can be achieved with whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.


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