Getting luxurious lifestyle is everyone’s dream, however, only a few people are able to make this dream come true. It is mostly observed that celebrities and famous athletes tend to have luxurious lifestyle which include having beautiful, enormous and expensive houses. 

Mike Trout is a major League Baseball player who owns a huge mansion at Newport Beach. Having fans all over the world, many people are curious to know about Mike Trout house. So, here we are with some inside details on Mike Trout house and other information like where does Mike Trout live

If you are also curious to know, don’t waste time any further and read along the article to know the details. 

Who is Mike Trout? 

Michael Nelson Trout commonly known as Mike Trout was born on August 7th, 1991. He is an American baseball center fielder who played for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball (MLB). Mike Trout is a nine-time MLB All-Star and three-time American League (AL) Best Player (MVP). He won several awards throughout his career in 2014, 2016 and 2019, 2012, 2013 and 2015. Apart from getting gold all the time, he has also bagged the Silver Slugger Award eight times. 

Mike Trout was born in Vineland, New Jersey, United States, to Jeff and Debbie Trout. He grew up near Millville. He has two older siblings, brother Tyler and sister Teal.  

Mike Trout’s father, Jeff was a baseball player as well and played baseball at the University of Delaware and was the fifth-round draft topic in 1983 as second baseman for the Minnesota Twins. Jeff Trout played minor league baseball for four years before his knee injury ended his career.  

where does mike trout live


Where Does Mike Trout Live? 

Where does Mike Trout live? Many fans of the famous baseball player are curious to about his house and his residence. Mike Trout has been reported to have a huge and beautiful mansion at Newport Beach about which we are going to share some details.  

Newport Beach is an interesting area south of Los Angeles which also have a lot of secluded spots for those who love privacy. In addition, many conservative celebrities live in this area. The Newport Beach comes in Orange County and is full of wealth of older generations. Moreover, the actual beaches here are amazing. It is the perfect area for sightseeing with many local shops and breath-taking view of seaside. 

Mike Trout House 

Mike Trout house has 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms and covers an area over 9,000 square feet. Everything from woodwork to lighting is customized and everything is perfect in this house. Being in a private community makes life easier and more secluded for this famous all-star. The mansion is wonderful and huge and the mountain views surrounding it are simply magnificent. 

Located on a high hill in the interior of Newport Beach, known as the Harbor Ridge which is a guard-gated community. The house is designed very classically and architecturally ambiguous and as the house spans at over 9,000 square feet it is also spread on three floors. 

This oversized building, originally built in 1982, has been radically refurbished by its former owner, who wisely incorporated luxury and comfort into the house. The house has been modernized and also included an elevator for all three levels. 

The outdoor patio was also refurbished with a row of French doors leading to it. The dogs in the trout family also get to receive an exclusive treatment in this Newport Beach house with a dog bath built in the backyard. 

Mike Trout House Address 

The address of Mike Trout’s house is Newport Beach, CA 92660. He purchased the house back in 2019 at the price of $ 9.15 million. However, the price of the property has significantly increased since then. 

Many of Mike Trout’s fans are trying to know the house address of the athlete but even after knowing the address nothing much can be done as the house is situated inside a gated community and only people with pass or invitation are allowed to enter the secluded community. 

Mike Trout Career 

The extraordinary performance of Trout as a child is viewed as the combination of strength and speed with the skills of the center-fielder Mickey Mantle of the Hall of Fame. Mike Trout has always been particularly good at hitting low pitches in the strike zone, but in 2015 he admitted that he was vulnerable to high pitches. However, Trout later significantly improved contact  and shoot rates for high-speed balls. 

Mike Trout is ranked as an almost average defender by all outfielders, stealing 142 bases between 2012 and 2016 and a valuable base runner with an 83% success rate.  

Mike Trout Family and Married Life 

Mike Trout married his longtime love interest and girlfriend Jessica Cox on December 9th, 2017. Their son was born on July 30, 2020. The family loves to spend their time together at their mansion in Newport Beach, California.  

Mike Trout and his wife have also shared many beautiful moments in the house and together they also renovated the house after their marriage. 

Mike Trout Net Worth 

Mike Trout has been a star since an early age and his promising career in baseball has taken him further in the hall of fame. He is quite famous for his baseball skills and he has a likable personality which is also a team-builder quality. 

Apart from earning his fair share from Baseball, he has also been involved with some brand endorsements which has helped a lot in spiking his bank balance. His current estimated net worth is around $ 60 million.  

His tremendous performance and exceptional baseball skills has earned him his fortune because of which he has been able to buy the beautiful property at Newport Beach. 


Mike Trout is a famous American baseball player who has become the talk of the town after purchasing a beautiful mansion at Newport Beach. 


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