Building a new home: mistakes to avoid

  • Building a house without a map is illegal. A specialist should design the map. A house construction typically costs between 10 lakhs and crores. House maps cost less than one percent of total expenses. A successful ending requires a map. This is why the construction process must begin with the formation of the map.
  • Houses should not be joined. Rainwater will start seeping into the house that is larger in size along with it due to the seepage of water. It is recommended that at least one inch be distanced from the house.
  • In order to prevent rainwater from coming inside from streets, the house should be constructed at a height of 1 foot from the surface of the street. Nevertheless, the entry path for cars or other vehicles should not be obstructed.
  • In narrow streets, it seems that people build bigger houses. Location plays an important role in determining the worth of your home. Wide, airy areas and locations increase the value of a house.
  • Not only does having contemporary fence panels improve the appearance of your property, but it also secures your property against wildlife and trespassers.
  • Make sure the walls of the house are not twisted or distorted. If you do this, not only will the room look ugly, but it will also be difficult to carpet the room. The value of the house will also be affected.
  • Make sure your house’s foundation is strong. You should always build a strong foundation for your house, whether it is a single story or a double story.
  • Round stones are not suitable for building houses because they cannot hold cement tightly, resulting in poor construction. To learn more about polished concrete Melbourne be sure to check out Policrete.
  • A minimum height of 10 feet should be maintained for roofs. Summer is warmer in houses with fewer heights.
  • It is not a good idea to keep the window facing west. The sun heats up your house as a result. The south side would be a better place to keep them.
  • Recent construction neglects courtyards. The result is an increase in house prices. Courtyards in 10 Marla houses are usually one to one and a half Marlas in size, which is not good at all. It would be better if the courtyard was bigger so that kids could play and plants and grass could be grown there. You feel fresher when you’re surrounded by greenery. Additionally, the lack of greenery in your home becomes a cause of depression and obesity. 
  • Light should be able to pass through all rooms of the house. Using natural light instead of artificial light will save you money.
  • Summer is the best time to water concrete. You can reduce cement durability by up to 50 percent if you do not do it properly.
  • Marble should not be polished and slippery tiles should not be used. You should avoid using slippery tiles, especially if you have children, because they may fall and get injured.
  • Powder should be used when making chip floors. When powder is used on the floor, there will be no cracks, the floor will shine, and polishing will be easier.
  • Open sewer pipes cause rats to enter, so do not leave them open. You may face plenty of mosquitoes if a small hole remains in gutter pipes.  
  • If you use a water tank of black colour, the water will become warmer because the black colour causes the water to become warmer. Therefore, blue is the colour of choice for water tanks. The market does not offer white colored water tanks, but you can colour them yourself.
  • Water should not be stored in underground tanks near gutters. For upward storage, use dinky pumps to move water.
  • You should not cultivate pumpkins, cabbage, or cauliflower in small houses because they become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Insects and mosquitoes are deficient in mint plants. Insects are also attracted to cracks and holes in the floor. 


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