This article is based on the details of Nick Saban house which is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (AL), US. Nick Saban whose full name is Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. is an American Football coach at the University of Alabama where he is serving since 2007. 

He has also served as a head coach at other universities including Michigan State University, Louisiana State University (LSU), and the University of Toledo. He is one of the highest-paid football coaches in America, let’s learn more about him and where does nick saban live!

Who is Nick Saban?

The American College Football head coach Nick Saban started his job as a head coach in 1989 with Toledo Rockets. He is a professional gridiron football coach whose teams always has achieved their goals and gained success. He used to play defensive back at Kent State University but after graduating in 1973, he had other plans for his career. 

Nick Saban intended to work in automobile sales, but Don James instead recruited him as a graduate assistant. Subsequently, as a result of his success in leading the team to victory, he was given the position of head coach of the Toledo Rockets, a position he held for just one season. 

In 1991, he became the defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football Association (NFL) under head coach Bill Belichick. He has a bright career as a head coach but for now, our main focus is to provide you with the details of Nick Saban house so let’s begin!

Where does nick saban live?

where does nick saban live


Have you ever imagined living in a house that offers a lake and mountain view? Nick Saban house provides both and it sounds amazing. The amount of peace one can get by living in such places is just unimaginable, this house is the place where Nick Saban relaxes after getting exhausted from his work because leading top teams to success is no joke.

Nick Saban house which is also referred to as lake house is located on the point of Lake Burton in woodsy Tuscaloosa County. This house is his favorite place to relax which was worth $10.95 million that he sold at auction in 2013. Keep reading to know the complete house details.

Complete Details of Nick Saban House:

The 10,000-square-foot Nick Saban Residence includes six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It has a wine cellar with a gate that was imported from Barcelona and is pretty special. A handcrafted boathouse with a second-story viewing deck, a pub-style pool area, and a stone lighthouse are all included. The rustic home has gorgeous red oak paneling and huge imported tiles.

The exposed beams of Nick Saban house span vaulted ceilings and the stunning views can be captured from plenty of big windows. The driveway is quite long which leads to this Tudor-style mansion. Nick loves to take nature baths in the lake with a beautiful view and as he is the co-owner of North Georgia golf club, he goes there to play golf often.

The Nick Saban house is situated 8 miles north of Bryant-Denny Stadium and 9 miles north of the Mal Moore Athletic Complex. Nick sold this home to the Crimson Tide Foundation for $3.1 million in 2013 which he purchased in 2007 for $2,875 million. However, he can live in this home as per the agreement. 

Wrapping Up:

You must have enjoyed reading this article and found the information on Nick Saban house to be fascinating. The children of an American college football coach always advise dad not to ever sell this house and they like spending time here with him and his family. This demonstrates how much the family values its house.

Share your thoughts about this stunning lake house in the comments section and tell us ‘Would you like to live here?’

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Nick Saban have a house in Alabama?

Yes, the house is located on lake Burton in woodsy Tuscaloosa County. It is a beautiful house where Nick loves to spend his time with the family. It is true that he sold this house but continues living in this house as per the agreement with Crimson Tide Foundation.

Does Alabama pay for Nick Saban’s house?

“We want to keep him happy”, said the assistant secretary of the foundation, Scott Phelps. The foundation pays the taxes because now it is a property of Alabama boosters but Nick Saban is peacefully living in this home.

Is Nick Saban a billionaire?

The net worth of Nick Saban is $60 Million approx as of 2023, so no he is not a billionaire but he is one of the highest-paid college football coaches.


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