Just imagine that on one rainy day, your roof collapses all of a sudden. God forbid such stuff from happening, but we should have concerns regarding it as it is a completely possible event.

Roof collapse is a very extreme example but it is the final stage of roof damage. Most people pay no concern regarding the frequent inspection & maintenance of their roof, hence they are most prone to roof damage.

Prevention is better than cure, hence, Home Creatives have presented 7 major causes of roofing damage which can give you a clear idea of what needs to be fixed.

Rain & Hail

Do you know what slowly kills your roof? The answer is cold rains. This is a very big concern in areas which fall under constant rain zones such as England & other northern areas. Cold temperatures result in the weakening of the structure of which the roof is made.

Furthermore, when harsh hail hits your roof, the components holding your roof together suffer a lot. This eventually causes your roof to get weaker which could result in you needing an experienced Roofing Contractor for roof repairs or even total replacement.

Lack of Proper Care & Maintenance

Lack of Proper Care & Maintenance

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One of the major causes of roofing damage is when people don’t regard maintenance as an obligation. Prevention is always better than cure. For that, it is mandatory to host inspection sessions & frequent maintenance.

Lack of maintenance will worsen an already persisting problem, which will lead to a costly repair. Most roof damage is caused by prolonged delay in maintenance as the menace keeps on building & results in catastrophic damage.

Lack of annual inspection, checking of roof alignments, checking for any leaks or stains, & cleaning gutters are the main causes of roof damage.

Windy Weather

Windy Weather

Source: Americandreamrestoration.com

Powerful winds are another cause of roof damage. These can also result in falling trees, poles, & debris over your roof, further weakening it. Seasonal winds are a major cause of it. This phenomenon can weaken your roof over time.

Also, wind fills up every crevice your roof has. Hence, it will tend to pick up on areas that are the weakest & those with gaps. This will further deteriorate your roof & will eventually rip off the tiles or the shreds apart the shingles. The worst part is that the moment one tile or shingle gets disappeared, a chain reaction starts which causes a lot of damage.

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Inadequate Installation & Maintenance

It feels good to repair your roof yourself, but it may build more problems than what you are solving. Professionals are good at their work for a reason. They know what to look for in case of roof damage. Hence, it is best to ask for help from professional roof inspection services, installation, or maintenance.

Lacking to do so will result in implanting major damage on your roof which will cost you much. If you try to fix a leak, or a missing tile or shingle yourself, you might be ignoring a major damage inflictor which might be a critical hassle up ahead.

Walk On The Ground, Not On The Roof!

As easy it might seem, you can damage your roof immensely by simply walking over it. The purpose of your roof is to provide you with adequate shelter & protection from harsh weather & sunlight. It is not built to host your late-night parties & stuff.

Additionally, the damage multiplies when you walk upon your roof with spiked shoes which might knock of the tiles & damage the shingles placed.

Damage Inflicted By Animals

Damage Inflicted By Animals

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Animals can cause a real menace if they are the reason for damaging your roof. Pests & animals such as rats, bats, birds, & squirrels damage your roof by dismantling your tile & shingle layers above the roof.

Moreover, special birds, such as the woodpecker are the roof’s true enemies as they will peck on the elements of your roof & annihilate them causing major roofing damage.

Aging Roof

Roof damage is on the high when your roof no longer has the strength & capacity to hold on. This happens over time due to many factors. It might be the constant harsh weather that deteriorates the condition of your roof, pesky pests & birds, or weakening foundation.

One major cause of the aging roof is faulty gutters. The purpose of a gutter is to direct the water out & away from your home. If your gutters are faulty & result in pools of water being accumulated in your roof, then your roof is going to age pretty quickly.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

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These are all the causes of roof damage which you need to take into account before carrying out any costly repair & maintenance. Express your views in the comment section below regarding this article!

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