Celebrity homes are so much fun to know about & explore. It gives us the inside view of the house & the lifestyle which the celebrities adopt. Some prefer to live in extravagant & enormous houses, while some live in average homes with a rather simplistic style.

Patrick Mahomes is the person who chooses the midway. Patrick Mahomes house is not too large nor too shabby, but a great sophisticated mansion with amazing design.

Patrick Mahomes

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Patrick Mahomes plays for Kansas City Chiefs as an NFL quarterback. Last year has been amazing for him as he achieved a great deal that year. Amongst those achievements, one is getting his own house in Kansas City.

Let us find out more about Patrick Mahomes & the Patrick Mahomes house.

Early Age & Family

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II was born on 17 September 1995, in Tyler, Texas. He went to Whitehouse high school & started playing baseball & football in college at Texas Tech.

Sports are in his genes as his father Pat Mahomes is a famous baseball player of his time. Patrick’s mother Randi Martin is a housewife & the current marital status of Pat & Randi is divorced.

At the time when Patrick attended high school, he met Brittany Matthews & both fell in love at such a small age. Patrick proposed Matthews on September 9, 2020, at Arrowhead Stadium. The couple has remained in harmony ever since.

Patrick’s net worth is around $30 Million & he is the holder of a 10-year contract, worth $503 Million which is the highest in NFL history & second highest globally after Lionel Messi. Patrick has spent his money for good use.

It is reported that the engagement ring which Patrick gave to Brittany had an 8 to 10-carat emerald cut diamond fixated on a diamond-encrusted band. It is said to have a worth of over $500,000 which is expensive than any BMW.

The couple shared the news of their upcoming baby soon after they shifted to the new house. Before 10 months the cute baby Sterling Skye Mahomes was born.

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Inside the Patrick Mahomes New House

Inside the Patrick Mahomes New House

Source: Hauteresidence.com

The recent house which was purchased by Patrick Mahomes is situated in the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri. It is just a short drive away from the country club & 9 miles far from the Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs host their practice matches hence Patrick can easily reach the Stadium for work.

The house was bought for an amount close to $1.7 Million to $2.3 Million with no confirmed figure from the sources. It expands over 4000 square feet on a 1.4 acre of land. The size is a handsome amount but nothing too crazy as Patrick likes to be simple.

The house consists of reportedly 3 lavish bedrooms & 2.5 luxurious baths. Some sources argue that there are 5 baths. The outskirts of the house building contain a luxury pool & patio.

3 lavish bedrooms

Source: Hauteresidence.com

Patrick Mahomes home was built originally in 1953 & $400,000 has been spent by Patrick Mahomes to restructure the look of the 70-year old mansion. The house contains a fitness center & even a craft room.

The kitchen is decorated by extricating design & pure look with modern appliances & a hood in between. The overall house is made on the theme of modern block architecture & has hardwood floors & floor to ceiling windows. The outlook of the design creates a very open & extravagant feel.

The family room, living room, & master bedroom features artistically styled stone fireplaces. The master bath consists of a legendary stand-alone bath.

There is also a large closet & especially a shoe room for over 150 pairs of collections of the superstar. Additionally, there exists a spacious wine room & a wet bar.

Patrick’s Comments about the New Patrick Mahomes House

Patrick Mahomes house is great & there is no conflict in that. Patrick said that “Renting a house wasn’t for us. We wanted our place”. Hence this purchase was the new beginning of the couple’s lives.

Patrick is definitely in love with this masterpiece mansion & says that “It’s cool to have our own house where we can grow into, & so this is a big step in our life”.

Final Words

Apart from the extravagant mansion that Patrick owns, he is truly a down-to-earth guy & holds a special place in his fans’ hearts.

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