Can you imagine a 16-year-old who manages to purchase a $5 Million property with her own money? From a small town to the dazzling lights of TikTok, Charli Damelio’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

In this article, we delve into the heart of Hollywood Hills, where Charli’s mansion stands as a testament to her meteoric rise. Join us on a tour beyond the glamour, exploring the intersection of fame, luxury, and the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. 

Read more about Charli D’Amelio & the great Charli Damelio house in this article.

More About Charli D’Amelio’s Houses

In this blog post, we will talk about 2 of Charli’s houses. The reason 2 houses is simple. Charli was born in her old house and used to make her first TikToks from that place. The iconic house still holds an important place in the hearts of many of her fans who know her by her old TikTok videos. 

After her fame and glory, Charli decided to buy an extravagant mansion in Hollywood Hills and moved in there. Further in this post, we will talk about both of these houses, describing every detail of the houses 

Old Home Of Charli D’Amelio Family

charli d'amelio house

At an early age, she used to live in suburban Connecticut with her parents & elder sister. Before they shifted to the new house, Charli used to make her TikToks in the old house which was the start of the era of fame. Her first TikTok which went viral was in 2019 summers’. The purchase of the Charli Damelio house was the result of Charli’s rising fame & fortune.

The old house was purchased by the D’Amelio parents for around $800,000. It was a 3,700 square feet mansion, clip-board sided structure & a great touch of prim grey paint & stone. The living room consists of a formal dining room, whitewashed washing, hardwood flooring, & a big bay window. The blue wall paint contrasts with everything else pretty well.

The four bedrooms are located on the second level which includes a master bedroom. The master suite consists of two walk-in closets & a bathroom. Apart from the master suite, there are three guest bedrooms. One guest bedroom consists of an attached luxury bathroom while the other two share one large bath. Additionally, there is even an attic on the third floor.

The kitchen has a wide range of stainless steel appliances & is designed with granite countertops. The family room is just adjacent to the kitchen which consists of sliding doors & a traditional fireplace. The outside of the mediocre acreage consists of a wide lawn area.

Charli D’Amelio New House     

charli d'amelio new house

Charli D’Amelio and her family recently got themselves a fancy new house in Hollywood Hills. This new place is huge, covering more than 5,500 square feet, and it cost a whopping $5.5 million!

charli d'amelio house

The Charli D’Amelio new house has a cool, modern look with a mix of steel, glass, and concrete materials. This new house portrays quite a similar look to the Candace Cameron Bure house located in America. 

 charli d'amelio new house

Imagine a big, stylish building with a unique design. The steel makes it strong, the glass lets in lots of natural light, and the concrete gives it an industrial vibe. All these elements together create a home that’s not just pretty but also sturdy and practical.

This new house is a symbol of the D’Amelio family’s success and their changing lifestyle. It’s like a blend of classiness and modern design right in the heart of Hollywood Hills.

More about Charli D’Amelio

charli d'amelio new house

Charli Grace D’Amelio was born on 1st May 2004, in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. She was too fond of dancing & was a competitive dancer for more than 10 years before her presence on social media. Her parents are Heidi D’Amelio & Marc D’Amelio. Marc is a hip-hop fashion designer with a net worth of over $2 Million while Heidi is a model & influencer just like Charli. Dixie D’Amelio is Charli’s elder sister who is also a TikTok star.

Charli started her TikTok career in 2019 & went viral shortly after. In less than a year, she managed to accumulate over $100 Million followers & currently earns over $100,000 per TikTok.

FAQs Related to Charli Damelio House

Question #1: What inspired Charli D’Amelio’s choice of Hollywood Hills for her new house?

Charli D’Amelio, known for her influential presence in the digital world, chose Hollywood Hills for its iconic status and vibrant atmosphere. The location aligns with her rising status in the entertainment industry, offering both luxury and proximity to the heart of the entertainment scene.

Question #2: What architectural features make Charli D’Amelio’s Hollywood Hills mansion unique?

Charli D’Amelio’s new house boasts a distinctive design characterized by a blend of steel, glass, and concrete. This combination not only gives the mansion a modern and sleek appearance but also ensures durability and sustainability. 

A Few Last Words

Charli D’Amelio House is the success of young Charli & her presence on social media is still rising strong. As Charli’s star continues to rise, her Hollywood Hills mansion serves as a stunning backdrop to the unfolding chapters of her remarkable story. The comparison of her old house and new house is enough to let us know the success Charlie has achieved over the years and what type of luxuries she has earned. 

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